14 Amazing Clothing Hacks which will give you New Look

There are always times when every person finds some problems with their clothes and outfits, which can ruin our whole day and mood. But there are always hacks available to fix that problem. So, here are some amazing cloth hacks and also a kind of tricks and tips that help you in your everyday fashion.

Wash the New Jeans before alteration

If your new jeans don’t fit well and need alteration, just wash them twice before taking them to the tailor so that your tailor can work on the final shape and length because jeans always shrink in starting when they washed.

Keep the Jeans in fridge

When your jeans are smelling and you have to wear it next morning and don’t have the time to wash it. Then don’t worry, put the jeans in the plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator for overnight it will make your jeans odorless.

Fix the hole without needle and thread

It’s very annoying to find a hole in the favorite dress and doesn’t know how to fix it except sewing (as no one can be a sewing master). Here is an easy and quick way to fix it without needle and thread. All you have to do is to turn the dress inside out, pinch the hole together, keep the fusible bonding web on it, cover it with another cloth and iron it. The hole gets vanished instantly.

Too tight T-shirt

Here is a trick to loosen up your tight T-shirt. Take a warm water in a bucket or container, add a hair conditioner in it and mix it well. Now, put your T-shirt in it, soak it for 10-15 minutes. After that rinse it once and place it on a flat place and soak the excess water by covering it with some cloth and patting and then stretch it from that side where you want to loosen it. Note: If there is any kind of picture or graphics on your T-shirt then you first dry that area first by ironing and then do stretching.

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