6 Unknown Eyeliner Secret Which will Boom Your Beauty

Eyes are the most captivating parts and the best of all facial features. They speak a lot about us , so they need to be beautified. But, it’s very important to be careful with it’s beautification. A little bit of mistake can make it look totally different than what you wanted. So, it’s better to know each and every detail of eye makeup before you begin.

And we’re here to help you with this, with every minute detail related to the most important part of eye makeup, that’s eyeliner. They’re not just black ink ready to line your eyes. They’re to decorate them and make them large, interesting, dramatic or whatever look you choose. Be careful and make sure you follow each word we say.

1. Choose the right color

There are so many of us that consider the black liner as the only option available. But that’s irrevocably false. There are such wide range of liners and you’re missing them all if you’re stuck to the black one. For example, a brown shade portrays a less harsh option , thus creating a softer and more subtle effect. A deep, jewel-toned eyeliner such as an emerald green or sapphire blue can work wonders to bring out the color of your eyes whereas a white or nude eyeliner on the lower lid is an amazing way to brighten the eye, creating a refreshed, awake appearance.

2. Make it last long

It’s a harsh truth that however much you try to keep that liner set for all day and night, it won’t. Even if you have used a lot of staying powder and other materials, your liner is just desperate to fade away. And within some time, it’ll become noticeable. And it won’t look good. So, we recommend that you carry your pencils with you and a blotting paper too. Anytime that you notice that it needs to be freshened up, just make your way to the restroom and apply it again. Also, with the use of blotting paper, you can clear out the smudged liner.

3. Use a sharp pencil

Messy eyeliners are usually a result of dull pencils or pencils that aren’t pointed. Yeah, if you don’t have your pencil sharpened, it’ll just make your liner untidy. So, make sure that you don’t get lazy for keeping your liners pointed.

4. Don’t walk an uneven line

It’s very difficult to make that line a perfect one. Most of us aren’t professionals and mistakes are bound to occur. But, there a little difference between sophisticated and sloppy. A distorted line will just spoil your look and do nothing good. And with the liquid liners, you need to be extra careful as they need a very steady hand. Avoid tugging at the outer corners of the eye as the line may just get distorted. The pencil liners are much more helpful when you’re in hurry as they give you more control.

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