6 Unknown Eyeliner Secret Which will Boom Your Beauty

5. Don’t get too bottom heavy

Overuse of anything is damaging, not only to the material , but also to the user. Similarly, if you’re applying too much of liner, especially the liquid one on the lower lid, then it’s going to be no good. Not only will the liquid liner dripping down your face by mid day, it’ll also make your eyes look small even if you use the pencil liners. What to do in such case is to swap the dark, thick liner for a lighter line and a subtler shade of taupe or light brown. Also, use a pencil liner instead of liquid to avoid smudges.

6. Don’t skip the smudge proofing

Many of us just tend to skip this part and go on with our eyeliner. But, as result, the liner usually smudges. That’s why you need to take care of this step of smudge proofing. Beginning with the first step, you should prepare your lids by brushing them with a translucent powder. You are also advised to restrain from application of any lotions or creams on the lids, as that can cause a lot of smudging. Then, you should trace over the eyeliner line with a matching powder eye shadow. And if you’re looking for an even more dramatic effect, retrace more liner over the powder for double impact. To make it last even longer, wet the shadow brush with Visine first. This will help your liner to stay long without any smudging.

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