Get Thicker And Longer Hair In Just 30 Days!

Hello ladies! Haven’t it been your dream to have long and strong hair so that you can try any hairstyle that you want. Well, if you’re that kind of lady, we’ll like to rope you in for these amazing hacks that’ll give you long and thick hair in just 30 days! Don’t believe us? Okay, you don’t have to. You can try it all by yourself as all these tricks are going to be extremely pocket friendly. No expenses at all!

Moreover, these hacks are all common ones and contain nothing that’ll make your hair rough or dry! So, here we go with the list!

1. Make friends with scissors

We fully understand your fear from scissors, especially when you wanna grow your hair. Afterall, why would you cut them if you wanna grow them? But, the reality is to the contrary. Trimming your hair is going to help your hair to grow and won’t hamper it. You should be trimming your hair more often as it’ll help you to get rid of broken, split ends. It’ll help you to maintain healthy hair and the damage won’t reach your roots. You’ll be able to flaunt your hair beautifully. Also, trimmed hair is easier to style!

2. Never ditch your conditioner

Don’t ever underestimate the use of conditioner for your hair. You don’t have to believe in idiotic myths that ask you to keep your conditioner for a while before you wash it off. Conditioner provides your hair with instant benefits. It also protects you from towel damage which you cause your hair when you wrap it around a towel. And also, it’s not for any particular hair types. It’s for all of you.

3. Getting help from the magical ingredients

There are a few ingredients that can actually help you by there direct application on the scalp. For instance, onion and garlic juice, gooseberries, shikakai, apple cider vinegar, and coconut milk give nourishment to hair and improve hair growth. Also, they keep your scalp healthy.

A very well known trick is to add boiled beer to your regular shampoo. Well, the beer drinkers might be a little suprised. But, it is what it is. Beer isn’t just a drink but can also act as an excellent conditioner. You can use it for washing your hair twice or thrice a week. It also helps in removing all kind of impurities.

4. The weekly nourishment through oils and masks

You should either apply a hair mask or oil your hair atleast once a week if you wanna boost hair growth. Applying oil will help the hair to retain fats which will help the hair to stay healthy. You should actually be damping your hair with oil so that you get the best results.This will help you shampoo off the oil completely and easily.

Getting spa treatments is one way to do this, but you can do it at home too by making hair packs that can work wonders for your tresses. Ingredients like honey, lemon, avocado, olive oil, and, onion juice are some of the ingredients that can be used for making a hair mask.

5. Swap your cotton pillowcase for a silk one

What could be easier than swapping your pillow case if it could help with your hair growth. Instead of the cotton ones, switch to silk or satin pillowcases that have been noted to boost hair growth. The reason behind this is that the softness of the silk and satin fabric, as opposed to cotton, is better for your hair. The logic is that the silk or satin doesn’t causes friction and makes hair less tangled. The hair breakage also reduces.

6. The correct way of drying your hair

Doesn’t matter how much soft your towel is, it’s always going to damage your hair. Most of the time, we tend to wrap our hair in towel that causes damage to our hair and tangles up the hair with the towel fibres. If you want to increase the length of your hair, you should stay away from heating tools for hair, like curlers and straighteners. You can use a hair dryer only after your hair is 60% dry. Use a hair protection spray before using a hair dryer.

7. Let your hair breathe

Using several hair products for the betterment of your hair, can actually worsen the condition. This makes our hair tired and much more prone to damage. Don’t tie back your hair very tightly as it will cause pulling and breaking of hair. Hair can also catch some microbial infections, making it necessary for you to take anti-microbial treatments from time to time. Another important thing to keep in mind is to cover up your hair whenever you’re out in the sun. It does equal damage to your hair as it does to your skin. So, you can either wear a hat or a sunscreen.

8. Your diet matters

There are certain food items that can boost your hair growth. For example, food rich in biotin or vitamin H. They act as a fuel for your body. They help to metabolise fats, carbohydrate and amino acids. Also, they elevate the protein level of your body. As your hair is made of protein, you know how it helps. Foods rich in biotin are milk, cheese, eggs, all kinds of nuts, pork, cooked liver, sardines, salmon, cauliflower, and avocado.

9. Don’t be too eager to wash it

Yeah, dirty hair isn’t good if you want your hair to grow. But washing it too often will not do good either. If you wash your hair daily, it’ll dry it out making it lose it’s essential oils. It’s advisable to massage your hair gently and easily while washing and combing.

10. Combine onion juice and coconut oil

Onion juice may get you into tears. But it’s use for hair growth is undeniable. Onions are proven to regulate the hair growth cycle and to give direct nourishment to the hair follicle. When mixed with coconut oil, the benefits get multiplied. Coconut oil prevent dryness, and are also a rich source of vitamin E and lauric acid. You can also use almond oil or mustard oil as a replacement.

11. Have patience

There’s literally nothing in the world that can help you grow your hair overnight. But, stressing over it may have a negative impact instead. All the above things are to speed up the process and not pulling your hair to grow forcefully. So, keep patience and you’ll surely get what you want.

If you’ve some other ideas, do share with us. We hope this helped you. Share your views with us in the comments.

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