8 Effective Ways to Improve Your Hearing

It is a common occurence that we often push the volume up button more often when we grow old. There are ways to prevent this. Let us take a look at it.

1. Avoid loud noise.

This is an important factor. Loud noise, loud conversations, etc. promote to premature deafness. In order to protect our ears, listen to sounds which are not more than 85decibels.

2. Be cautious when listening to music.

It has been said that listening to loud music can also cause premature deafness. All you have to do is look out for noise cancelling headphones, listen to music at 60% of the total level and take breaks after every hour to let your ears breath and stay away from infections.

3. Protect your ears during loud events.

Continuous exposure can cause deafness. To protect your ears, use agents that block them out or let you hear it at lowest levels. Move away for 15 minutes, keep away from such source, give a recovery time of 18 hours are all other ways to keep it all fine.

4. Add some cardio into your life.

Circulation of blood takes place. It occurs at an improved rate. They help in improving ear conditions by providing antioxidants and heat shock proteins. Walk, swim, jog or run for 30 mins every day or opt for aerobic exercises.

5. Do practice exercises that improve your hearing.

Practising exercising directed to serve the purpose helps in doing so in a better way. Go in for strategic games, induce loud environment and talk, recognise the sound sources, etc will help in developing a better hearing. It also prevents from gray matter atrophy.

6. Do some yoga.

It is an effective method. Yoga helps in improving a lot of health conditions. One of those is related to improve hearing. Go for the following poses:

  • Tadasana — tree pose:  a perfect stretching and breathing exercise for the body. Stretches the arms,chest, abdominal muscles,spine and leg muscles, thereby promoting to  balance.
  • Trikonasana — triangle pose: improves flexibility of the spine, check the position of the shoulders; relieves from back aches, increased blood flow.
  • Dhanurasana — bow pose: great for strengthening of abdominal muscles. Entire abdominal area gets a perfect massage, increase in the flow of blood right from the abdominals to the brain, activates the digestive system, and fights against constipation.
  • Bhujangasana — cobra pose: Increase in the strengthening the back muscles, and provides relief from tension, aches, and pains in the lower back.

7. Change your diet

Change of your diet will help in reducing hearing problems. Include fishes from cold water in the diet, increase the intake of Vitamin B3, B6, B9 and B12.

8.Keep your outer ear canal clean.

The debris keeps accumulating and blocking your ears. Do not use cotton swabs to get rid of them, usage of hydrogen peroxide and syringe helps in preventing them.

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