Do Not Mess With Etiquettes

Good manners and etiquettes are taught from an early age. The manner of greeting someone and politeness are some of the basic moral values. In a business world, it is further important for a person to look presentable. We live such monotonous fast lives that we forget to be presentable and get carried away with all that is around us. There are various other etiquettes that are long forgotten.

The trend of casual clothing and informal speech has turned the etiquettes into history. However, it is important to remember them again and follow in day-to-day life. The following article contains some basic measures that are too important to define an individual’s personality. Continue reading further and try not to forget them again.


Make sure you greet the correct way. A first impression decides your character altogether, so make sure you get it right.

  • Shake the person’s hand fast without holding on too long or pulling it towards yourself. Respect the person’s comfort and personal space. Patting on the shoulder can come out as tacky, even if you know the person.
  • If you are greeting a lady, the man should slightly bow.


  • Be punctual at all times. Attend meetings by coming on time or arriving a little early. Call and apologise if you plan on being late due to some valid reason.

  • Compliment the people around you. Your colleagues would be leased, and this will show them that you are observant about the very tiny details. jewelry their work.


The right outfit will always boost your energy and mark a good impression. It does not imply that you buy a lot of expensive clothes for yourself. For men, make sure that you wear clean shoes and a well-fitted jacket.

Say goodbye to the clothes that don’t fit well. Every part of the suit should be of a similar style and fit well to your size. The sleeve should be covering your wrist, but not the thumb’s lower joint. Based on proper etiquette rules, unbutton the lowermost button of the jacket. Make sure that you pick a jacket that fits your body type correctly. If you want to flaunt your figure, pick a slim-fit jacket. If you want to look attractive, a double-breasted jacket works perfectly.

Find clothes that suit you well, if you are a lady, especially. It is advisable to wear a darker skirt or trousers with a light top or blouse. This looks very elegant and emphasizes the figure well. Be modest when you pick jewelry for your outfits. A lot of jewellery indicates that you have poor taste in clothing.

Being at the table

If you get invited to a table, don’t talk to random strangers until you are introduced to them by an acquaintance or known person.

Be attentive about your hand gestures. It is advisable to place them on your lap rather than the table. Keeping the phone on the table would show that you show no interest in conversing.

If you are invited to a table and there are some people that you don’t know, don’t talk to them before you are introduced to each other, it’s not polite.

Pay attention to your hands as well. Don’t put them on the table, it’s better to keep them on your lap. Putting your phone on the table means that you’re not interested in conversation.

Men And Women

  • Courtesy says that there should be a mediator through which two people meet. A familiar friend, for example, can introduce two people to one another.
  • Even if you wish like helping, don’t hold the woman’s purse for her. However, you should be offering to take her coat to the cloakroom.

Sitting Correctly

Maintain the correct posture and leg position when you are seated, If you are on a low chair, don’t cross your legs, one above the other, Keep the legs parallel and knees touching one another. You could try a royal trick, know as the ‘Cambridge cross’. It is putting one foot behind the other, while you cross the ankles. It will make you feel like the royal crown herself.

Being At a restaurant

If you invite your companion to a restaurant, it should be you who pays for the meals. Also, it is high time for you to know your cutlery!


For ladies, make sure your lipstick doesn’t stain the glass you are drinking from.Dry the lips using a napkin or paper tissue before you sip from the glass.

Everyone should pour a drink for themselves. A man should pour or offer the lady at the table first. Pouring excess wine can make the wine spill onto your clothes.

Drinking Tea

People invite each other for a cup of tea to have a conversation with one another and to get to know each other better. You should not refuse or deny the offer, as you may come out as rude. Remember these rules! Stir the tea gently, without making sounds of the teaspoon. Don’t leave the spoon inside the cup. Keep it on the edge of the saucer. However,don’t leave directly on top of the saucer. The cup should be held with one hand and the saucer with another. It is not advisable to hold your cup with two hands.


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