Benefits That Essential Oils Hold For Your Hair

Hello ladies! Today we’re going to tell you something really important. You have had heard of many natural remedies, but this time it’s not just any natural remedy, but it’s the essential oils. We know how much beneficial they’re for each and every part of our body. Especially for our hairs, they can do wonders. Afterall we all care for our hair so much. We choose each product very carefully, so why not use some essential oils for it.

So, lets begin with natural tips, all for your hair.

1. Caring for dry hair

If you’ve a complaint about your hair being dry, then do not worry. 5-7 drops of essential oils in 1tbsp of warm olive oil, coconut oil, corn or avocado oil. Massage your scalp using this with your fingers. Let it stay for a few hours before you wash it off.

1. Sandalwood oil seals in moisture in dry and damaged hair.

2. Lavender oil is particularly beneficial for this purpose because it helps regulate sebum production as well as in sealing in the moisture.

3. Ylang-ylang oil controls the fat content of the skin and thus, increases the elasticity of the hair.

4. Geranium oil balances the scalp’s oil production while naturally conditioning it too.

5. Jasmine oil helps in moisturizing hair and thus, making it soft and silky.

Note: Jasmine essential oil must not, by any means, be used by pregnant or lactating women.

2. Caring for oily hair

If you’re suffering from oily and greasy hair, then the right essential oils will help you right away. All you need to do is to mix 5-7 drops of oil with 1 tbsp of carrier oil. Apply this onto your scalp and leave it for about 60-90 minutes. Rinse it off. The best carrier oils for oily hair are pumpkin, almond, calendula oils.

1. Grapefruit oil normalizes oil secretion.

2. Lemon oil helps in balancing the natural scalp oils.

3. Geranium oil normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and prevents the appearance of greasiness over your scalp and hair.

3. Strengthening and preventing hair loss

Treating hair roots is the best way possible to prevent hair loss. Mix 5-7 drops of oil with 1 tbsp of carrier oil and apply it to your scalp and massage gently. After that, leave it for a few hours or preferably overnight. Wash it as usual. Olive, castor, or burdock oil should be used as the carrier oil.

1. Lavender oil is a well-rounded type of oil that is used for preventing hair loss and restoring follicles.

2. Rosemary oil strengthens roots and restores the skin it’s elasticity.

3. Chamomile oil stimulates growth and nourishes the hair, thus restoring its strength.

4. Clary sage oil stimulates regeneration and growth of hair.

5. Thyme oil stops hair loss, and restores weakened and damaged hair.

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