10 Eye Makeup Mistakes That You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

Our eyes are the central attraction point of our whole personality.It depicts the soul of a human. Hence, it makes the task more important, as for how we present it to the world.
As a woman, we love to beautify the serenity, simplicity of our eyes to a whole new level.
With the growing beauty demands, makeup has become a very serious business.No matter you are a homemaker or associated with the corporate world. Makeup is something that is somewhere quite necessary for self presentation to the world out there.
As a women,it’s really important to look put together not just with your skills but your personality and outlook.And here makeup comes to the rescue.
Either it’s your eye shadow application,blending your crease , making your wing eyeliner symmetrical or putting on your lashes,we tend to make some or the other mistakes that make the whole look messy and not flattering.
As,we are not pro in eye makeup like our beauty gurus, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid while doing your eye makeup.

1. Use brow mascara to conceal sparse areas


2. Use concealer instead of highlighter to brighten your brow area


3. Use a spooly brush to round out the brow arch


4. Fill your brows the right way


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