5 Step By Step Smokey Eyes Tutorial That’ll Make You Rock In Any Occasion

Make-up trends change every now and then. You never know what’s coming next. Especially the eye makeup. It’s ever changing. Sometimes, the metallics are in trends, whereas sometimes it’s the pastels that are making the world rock. But, then there is another thing which is never out of fashion. Yeah, we’re talking about the smokey eye makeup. It’s trendy and stylish too. It looks amazing and you’ll never regret trying it. So, today we’re here to give you some very beautiful smokey eye makeup tutorial that you’ll love to try. Keep reading and do share your views in the comment section.

1. Golden brown smokey eye

Slay everyone’s heart with those golden to brown eyes. To grab this look, you need to use a brown eye-shadow so that you can line your bottom lash. Apply a black kohl from the water line to top lash line and blend in brown colour eye shadow from outer corner of your eyes, ultimately moving to the centre of your eyes. To have this look completed, blend in golden eye shadow from inner corner to centre.

2. Electric blue smokey eye

If you wanna look vibrant, go for this look without giving it a second thought. To grab this look, you first need to outline your eyelids with black kohl. Now, smudge it roughly at the crease and lash line. Blend in black eyeshadow towards the centre of your eyes and then blend in blue eyeshadow all the way from outer corner to the centre of your eyelid. Complete this look by lining kohl on waterline and also on the top eyelid.

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