Amazing Benefits Of Celery- From Weight Loss To Ulcers

Whether in soups, vegetable trays, topped with peanut butter or added to a dish, most people have consumed celery in one way, shape or form. That’s a good thing because the benefits of celery are going to simply amaze you.

It’s an excellent source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes, in addition to vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin B6. All with some sugars, celery also contains some vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, iron, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. But that’s not it, there are many more benefits of celery and we’re here to tell you all of them.

1. Weight control will become easier

It’s already known that celery has lots of water and vitamin K and other minerals making it a perfect diet food. But the main thing here with it is that it takes your body more calories to digest celery than the celery actually has in it. So, for weight loss, you can either eat celery or drink it i. the form of juice.

2. Say goodbye to heart burn

Acid reflux or heartburn is a condition people with poor dietary choices or bad digestive system. But, our little green friend can be at the rescue, regulating the stomach acidity levels. Sit down and relax. However, if it doesn’t go away, you need a change in your dietary plan.

3. Kill ulcers

It has been found out that celery contains a certain type of ethanol extract that protects the lining of the digestive tract from ulcers. Other things celery contains are flavonoids, tannins, volatile oils, and alkaloids, which simply increase the production of protective mucus inside your intestines

4. Anti-inflammatory properties will be in action

Inflammation in a body is an immune system response to an infection or irritation and it’s not necessarily bad since that’s how your body protects you from an infection spreading. However, sometimes you need to keep it under control and that’s where celery comes to help. All thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it may help your teeth look brighter thanks to the increase in calcium.

5. Dehydration will be prevented

Celery contains ample amount of water (about 95%) and that’s how it keeps your body hydrated.

6. The digestive system will receive help

Celery is not only rich in water content, but also in fiber. The natural fiber and phytochemicals stimulate the walls of the stomach and small intestines, preventing constipation by helping in peristalsis. This makes the food coming into the big intestine mixed and churn better. It also helps the enzymes to break down the nutrients and get them absorbed into the bloodstream.

7. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels will drop

Celery is also rich in anti- cholesterol properties which helps it for literally cleaning out your cholesterol levels. Celery has smooth muscle relaxant properties, which helps in improving the flow of calcium and potassium inside and outside the cells.

So, which was the most beneficial benefit for you? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

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