10 Japanese Trends That You Won’t Believe Are Real

Japan is a really awesome country and there are so many reasons why we say so. The land of rising sun is no doubt majestically beautiful and charming. It’s culture and traditions are obviously, a different and unique one. And you may either enjoy it or remain in shock for a little bit of time. We say so, because the trends in japan are a way too unique than you’ve ever imagined. Well, most of us may even find it difficult to understand why they’re a little obsessed with face filter apps that enlarge the eyes to extreme sizes or their love for various face-training devices. However, we can figure out some really weird yet amazing trends just in case you wanted to know more. We’ve collected a list of 10 trends from japan that will make you go head over heels, probably.

1. Decora

Easy to understand, this word comes from the English word decoration. The style originated in the late 90s and was popular back then in the 2000s, but now it has come back with a renewed vigor. The make-up you see is mostly natural. It helps people look more cute or you can say child- like. But, when it comes to accessories, it gets more and more interesting. It’s all bright and a lot of them ranging from face stickers, glitter, colorful band-aids, bobby pins, clips and bows, bracelets and necklaces, multi-colored socks, stockings, and leg and arm warmers — basically anything they can find and put on to exaggerate and show off the inner child in them.

2. Ganguro

If you’ve been thinking that the white skin is considered very pretty, you’ll be proved wrong by this. In Japan- tanned brown skin, light hair ( orange, blonde or gray) and white makeup accents are all that make ganguro a trend. Complete this with fake eyelashes, facial crystals, and bright outfits . And the bright accessories are welcomed here too.

3. Face filter apps

When it comes to the asian continent, Japan bags the first position in indulging in eye enlarging trick. From contact lenses to plastic surgery- they leave no stone unturned. And then comes the face filters. They not only help to achieve huge anime-like eyes, they also even out the skin, making it look perfectly smooth and glowing.

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