9 Places To Touch A Woman To Make Her Go Crazy For You!

It often happens that men are not able to satisfy women on bed. This is because they are not aware of the fact that women have erogenous regions which is why they do have to work harder for satisfying women. Women derive a lot more pleasure than men and have quite a lot of erogenous spots apart from the points where men think women solely derive pleasure from. They are as follows:

1. The Nape Of Her Neck

It is the magical portion. We have often come across the traditional dress where the neck is never covered while the entire attire was a conservative one. They considered neck to the most attractive site of a women. Plant cute little kisses and see her smile coyly.

2. Her Clavicle

A well-defined clavicle is sexy. Kiss her clavicle and unbotton the shirt to exposed that portion itself. play with her clavicle to see her want more of you.

3. Small Of Her Back

You can hold the small of her back publicly as well. keep your hand around the area while entering any public place and later replace that area by your tongue when alone and see how her heart skips a beat.

4. Behind Her Knees

This needs a limelight since this is one of the areas where women have a weakness. In case you feel naughty, run your hands slowly till you reach the hook. See how she gets turned on.

5. Earlobes

Kiss and caress her earlobes to see her experience a bliss with her eyes closed and living the moment.

6. Her Palms

This is that part which you can play with without making it look indecent. Just run your fingers through the bumps and lines and see how she keeps deriving pleasure out of it without letting you stop for a second. Also it does wonders to her eyes as she feels special and wanted and she reciprocates in the same way.

7. Her Feet

Massages are said to be erotic. However, feet massages master eroticism. Give her a massage if she has had a rough day in college and get results totally worth it.

8. Her Hair

The locks need both attention and touch. Run your hand through her hair gently making way to her temples. Run your hands across her temples, going down to her neck and her collarbone. See how this deceitfully innocent act weakens her spine.

9. Her Pelvis

Men often have the habit of hitting the home run without exploring much in the fields. However, ou should definitely spend some time exploring the areas around the home base and make it a delayed one. Afterall, a bit of hard work, patience and perseverance does bring in a sweet fruit.

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