Believe It Or Not, Your Poop Can Tell If You Are Healthy Or Not!

The fact that we poop is something that is ignored by us. It seems to be a curse if we talk about pooping while ironically we can talk about sex freely. Poop is a health indicator which is what none of us are aware of. The quality and quantity helps us in knowing if we are keeping fine or not. In fact for diagnosis of the disease that we are inflicted with is related to the type of poop we usually do. It is therefore important for us to know about the bowel movements closely.

What Is ‘Normal’ Poop Anyway?

Approximately, 75% of the stool has water while the rest has a mixture of fiber, cells and different types of bacteria. The range of 1-3 times in a day to thrice a week is applicable to the normal type of poop. They are characterized as follows:

  • Shade: Light to medium brown.
  • Shape: S-shaped.
  • Size: Roughly 1 to 2 inches in diameter and around 18 inches in length.
  • Smell: Natural and less repulsive.

 What The Color Is Telling You

  • Medium To Light Brown: Normal
  • Black Or Bright Red: Bleeding is occurring. Red stools mean that GI tract is the one where bleeding is occurring. Black stools is the aftereffect of supplements and medications. 
  • Green: Due to the presence of bile salts which were not broken down due to the time span provided by the loose motions while suffering from diarrhea. It can also be due to the colour that is present in the food or due to consumption of excess of green leafy vegetables. 
  • Yellow: Gallbladder related issues, giardia infection or Gilbert’s syndrome. 
  • White Or Gray: Lack of bile, cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatic disorders, blockage in bile duct. Use of antacid can also be the causative agent. Increase of mucus in stools means that inflammation has happened or might be the cause of colon cancer. 

What The Shape Is Telling You

Little Lumps Like Nuts That Are Hard To Pass: 

Presence of food in the intestine for quite some time, reabsorption of water has taken place. Lack of fibre is the reason behind this. 

Too Liquid: 

Rapid movement through the intestine, thereby causing the absence of reabsorption of water. Caused by a diet rich in fibre or an infection. 

Pencil Thin: 


Thin ribbon-like due to the presence of mass causing an obstacle in passing the stool possibly due to cancer or polyps.

Floats And Stinks: 

The absence of proper absorption of fats due to absorption disorders, weight loss drugs, etc. 

Sausage-Shaped But Hard And Dry: 

Due to its long-term stay in intestines, thereby leading to reabsorption of water. Happens during constipation, dehydration or medications. 


Due to constipation. Increasing dietary intake and water intake will do the needful.

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