8 Hair Myths That Need To Be Busted Now

Hello ladies! We all know how much your hair is important to you. And despite the fact that various factors won’t let your hair stay good, you keep making efforts to ensure that it does. Also, the various people advising you over hairfall and other hair problems must have told you facts that may have scared you. But, are they all necessarily true? Well, some may be just myths that you shouldn’t be believing and giving a damm about. We’re going to tell you all about them so that you can achieve the hair of your dreams.

1. Loosing too many hairs always means balding

If you believe that losing 100 -200 hairs on a daily basis means you’re close to being a bald person, then you can’t be more wrong. It’s pretty normal for a person to lose that much hair. And not to forget, during the spring and fall time, your hairfall will become more frequent and even there’s nothing to worry about it too. This is when our hair goes through a hair follicle resting phase, known as ‘telogen’. During this stage, hair stops growing, which is why you see so much hair fall. This is usually followed by the ‘anagen’ stage, where new hair begin to replace the emptied hair follicles. Now, you must realise how foolish it was to worry about them.

2. Shampoo and conditioner must be applied to the entire hair length

Absolutely not! The shampoo in your washroom is meant to be cleaning your scalp and not your hair. While showering, only apply it to the roots as the leftover foam is sufficient enough to rinse the rest of your hair. For the conditioner, you need to just be doing the opposite. Apply it to the hair length and not to the roots. The scalp is naturally heathy and tends to get oily much quickly. Hence, a moisturizing conditioner will only make your roots greasy and lank, that ypu obviously don’t seem to want.

3. Blow drying ruins your hair

This is what most people would have been advising you and you would have ended up avoiding the hair dryer for good. Unless we tell you the fact that it’s only half true. By saying half true, we mean to say that there’s more to the story. This is only true if you decide to tackle your tresses without any styling products. Heat protection sprays and serums can protect one’s hair from any thermal damage wreaked by hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers. Now you know what to do!

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