8 Hair Myths That Need To Be Busted Now

4. The more you chop those tresses, the faster they grow.

It’s just like someone saying, cutting down trees will cause them grow taller and denser. And you must all be knowing how foolish it sounds. So does the logic that cutting your tresses more will cause your hair tp grow faster and denser. Well, the reality is that the hair follicle concentration entirely depends on the genetics of the person. And no matter how much you shave your hair, you so won’t be able to grow a single more of it.

5. Keratin straightening is good for the hair.

Don’t tell us that yoy believed this lie too. The keratin straightening beauty treatment is doing no good to your hair, and instead, is harming it. Even if they’ve upgraded from the formaldehyde, that’s also used in autospies, to the same composition used in chemical waving- the new formula is still capable of destroying the protein and structure of hair. So, why don’t you just skip this one.

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