8 Curling Tips That’ll Help Your Hair To Stay Curled For Longer

Hello ladies! Is it worth mentioning that how much women’s love their hair? Besides, they love them more when it’s perfectly done. By perfectly done, we mean not only the washed and well conditioned hair, but also the setting. We all are aware that our hair looks more gorgeous when they’ve been set. And some of us are madly in love with the curls. But, this hairstyle setting comes with a deadline, where your hair will once again become how they naturally are. We want it to last forever, but unicorns don’t exist, and curls won’t last. However, one thing we can do is to make them last a little longer.

So, we’re here with 8 such tips that’ll help you with this.


Few things to take care of for perfect curls:-

• Volume

If you were born with lovely straight and thick hair, the volume will be the last of your concerns. But, people with fine and limp hair can call it their concern, especially when they are aiming to get curls. Look through the market to pick up the right product for adding volume. Make sure you choose a product best suited for your hair type. The product should not weigh your hair down.

• Texture

If you don’t have the right texture, your curls won’t last long. A good mousse or gel will definitely help with this.

Tips to make your curls last longer:-

1. Adapt the correct procedure for adding volume

• Shampoo and conditioner:-

Curls will last only when your hair is light and carefree. So, your first step should be washing your hair. Opt for a shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down. Otherwise, your curls will flatten in just about an hour or two. No amount of holding spray will help you here.

• Blow dry:-

Blow drying your hair can actually help you to increase the volume of your hair. Bend over so your hair is hanging down. Use a blow drier with a diffuser to dry it out. When you are up straight again, you will notice a considerable increase in volume!

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2. Get the texture right


Your curls will look amazing and will stay long if you’ve the right texture. And for the right texture, you should be choosing the right products. So invest in a good curling spray or mousse. Use it on your wet or dry hair. You must also pick a good finishing spray for holding curls longer. Many of them are just made for the curls. But when used on natural straight hair, they lend the additional support needed for your styling efforts to last longer!

3. Regular hair care and prevention of heat damage

If your hair is all damaged, they won’t ever look great. If you’ve split ends or frizzy hair, your curls will look unruly. Also, you will find a problem in getting them curled in the first place. So, do trim them. The less frizzy your hair is, the more beautiful your curls will be. Keep your hair conditioned- always. And as we know, curling usually requires heat treatment. So, you need to make sure that you have a heat protectant or spray, as heat can be the biggest reasons behind split ends.

4. Setting spray

Don’t underestimate the use of a setting spray. It helps your hair set into place. Also, it makes your curls stay for longer. Also, don’t look for a cheap one, find a good quality spray. Now, you may not be wanting to use so many products at the same time, so why not use a spray that has thermal protection too. This will eliminate the use of two sprays, one after the other.

5. Curling iron vs flat iron

When we’re supposed to curl our hair, we ultimately think that we need a curling iron. But, what we recommend is to use a flat iron instead. There are two reasons behind it:-

• The older models of curling iron are usually not ceramic plated. This leaves your hair liable to heat damage on prolonged usage. So, if you want to continue with it, upgrade to a version with ceramic protection. Also make sure you use curling rods or curling irons without clamps. They give better results for sure.

• Use a flat iron with rounded off sides. The curls will be better and will last longer. This is not an easy one, but you’ll know the art of perfection with some practice.

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6. Use hot curlers for fine/limp hair

If you have fine or limp hair, ditch curling or flat irons. Go for the hot cullers. They’ll make your curls to last longer. And another advantage you can have is the variety of curls. You can shift between ringlets, loose waves or small curls quite easily.

7. Curl without heat

Well, if you avoid curls just because you are afraid of what the heat will do to your hair, then here’s the good news. You don’t need heat to curl your hair at all. For heatless curls, use a T-shirt, socks, pens or pencils. Or you can simply just braid your washed hair and leave it overnight, to find fresh loose waves!

8. Final setting

Just curling your hairs isn’t enough. Apply hair spray after you finally curl your hair. This will remove the entire frizz and you can endlessly flaunt your hair the entire day.

So, do you have something else to share about curling your hair? If yes, do share with us.

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