20 Situations That Every Girl Can Relate To

Problems – Huh! They have become a part of our life and no one can deny the fact that girls face many problems. We face problems every single day whether they are major or minor one. From morning to night we are circled with a bunch of issues, it can be an issue of improper eyeliner, selecting clothes, someone is stocking or you have to prove yourself. This is not a problem of one person, this type of issues is faced by every single girl.

So, here are some photos that I bet every girl have faced and thought once in a while.

1) Broken lipstick

It is very difficult to find the one lipstick that suits your face and it hurts a lot when your favorite lipstick shade gets damaged.

2) Makeup can’t stay

This image is very relatable for everyone. Makeup can’t stay long. You spend so much time and effort to do a perfect makeup in morning and it does make you look fabulous but at night you look scary because of that makeup only.

3) Ahh!!  Shaving

The toughest part of one’s life is shaving. Whether you opt to wax or shaving they both are painful. And whenever you shave you must have a thought Why you are doing this.

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