6 Simple Tricks That Will Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Every woman dreams of full and expressive lips similar to that of Angelina Jolie. We do try various hacks to deal with this, but none of them work out. The following hacks do work out.

6. Darken the lip corners.

Use the above-stated techniques to make this hack work. It is simple and effective trick for an evening makeup that works best with lipsticks of intense colors.

5. Use a lipstick, lip gloss, and concealer at the same time.

The combination of lipstick, lip gloss, and concealer gives a perfect result. All you have to do is execute all the steps without any fail.

4. Use a mixture of shea and cinnamon oils.

Cinnamon oil is beneficial as it improves blood circulation, thereby making the lips look brighter and add volume. It is usually used not in a combination along with shea oil. You can use this as a mask, lip gloss, or as a base for matte lipstick.

3. Use a lip liner to correct the lip form.

You can make any type of lips look fuller. Do not be afraid to experiment. For a thin lower lip line, make the lower part of the lip thick. Make another layer of the lower line of the lip. For oval type, highlight the cupid’s bow. For thin upper lip line, thicken the upper part of the lip. For thin lips, thicken both the parts of the lip. For sharp lips, sharpen both the parts of lips. For uneven lips, fill in the portions required.

2. Highlight the Cupid’s bow.

Highlighting our Cupid’s bow helps us in making the upper lip look more convex and emphasize on the lip contour. When finishing your makeup, you can apply a highlighter to your upper lip if you wish.

1. Use a white pencil to make your lips fuller.

Use the following hack and make your lips look fuller.

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