11 Changes that you are entitled to face when you hit 30s

Life is indeed a beautiful journey and all that happens in our life produces different types of emotions. There are different stages of life and we feel differently about each one of them. So the following are the changes that you are entitled to face.


The way you look, your body, everything starts signalling that you have hit 30s. You start developing a wrinkled skin and develop blemishes or spots.


You are up for friends who are not fair-weathered. You usually end your friendships with the fake ones and prefer quality over quantity.


You become less of a person who likes to stay outdoors and prefer to stay inside and spend time. Wasting time is something that you stop entertaining.


Dating and relationships are no longer your thing. You stop changing the virtues you have for someone else. You focus more on yourself and deal with things. You no longer she’d your tears or regret when the relationship does not work out.


Your drinking capacity reduces remarkably. You get down to drinking a glass and dozing off. You no longer go in for excess but take as much as you think you can enjoy with.


You feel older compared to everyone you are surrounded with. You seem to think yourself as the oldest of all, irrespective of your position with the people around you and vice versa.

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