10 Lips Shape which will tell something Interesting About Your Personality

Lips are an incredible gift of the Almighty. They give us the ability to smile and speak. Basically, everyone has the same lips, but when we observe closely, we can actually see the differences in their shape. And with each varied shape, there is a personality associated which you all must be excited to know. So, find your shape and get to know which personality is yours and know more about yourself.

1. Large puffy lips

People with such lips are born to look after someone. These people may have spent a lot of time in their childhood volunteering or playing with animals. They have an in born maternal instinct and a strong desire to protect others.

2. An upper lip that is larger than the lower lip

People with such lips are born drama queens and love being the centre of attention. They’re charismatic and emotional personalities who simply love life. They’re pretty much confident and simply love life to the fullest. They’re also very funny and crack the funniest joke infront of others.

3. A lower lip that is larger than the upper lip

These people are born to be adventurous. They simply can’t live a 9 to 6 regular office schedule. They know what life is about and tend to be involved in finding fun. These people crave for an energetic lifestyle and new friends as well as places. New experiences gets them going. These are curious and social personalities.

4. Ordinary lips

These people live a balanced life and are filled with common sense. They have an immense ability to listen to others thoughts while others wish to speak. They treat people with full respect and don’t care too much about being criticized. They find getting angry as a waste of time and live life to the fullest.

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