10 Brilliant Denim Tricks Everyone Who Wears Jeans Should Be Aware of

Denims are taking over the present world. They have travelled a long way right from the time they had started their journey. They have travelled generations and with time they have undergone changes in creativity, glamour and elegance. As they have gone through changes, they have gradually become expensive. Following whatever is trending can be costly and cost a lot. Here comes the need of knowing a few hacks which give a flashy, trendy and an amazing look to the old set of denims you have. Following are some of the newly tried and quick must-know hacks:

1. To know about their stretchability:

It is important to know about how well a pair of denim stretches before buying from the concerned retailers. For those who want to take this test at home, wear it and practice squatting for 60 seconds. Check if it retains the original shape.

2. Freeze cleaning of denim:

It is necessary to wash the pair of jeans to ensure removal of dirt, colonies of bacteria and bad odour. However, it should not be frequent as it is harmful for the material. Here comes a new technique of cleaning the jeans. This helps to escape frequent washing as well. Remove the stain by cleaning the spot that was stained with the help of stain remover. Wait till it is completely dry. Fold it and place it inside a zip bag. Keep it in the freezer a time span of 24 hours. It will finally be available for wear after thawing it.

3. Making legs look longer in jeans

In case you feel the necessity of getting a longer look for your legs while you are in your pair of jeans, here is an easy option. Cut the jeans, pair it up with a top and a pair of shoes that have heels. Tuck in the type of top you are wearing. You are ready to go now.

4. Cuffing of jeans with ankle boots.


In case you want to pair up your jeans with ankle boots cuff the jeans slightly. One of the best methods to do this is by rolling the jeans. This causes the jeans to come up higher than the rest. It gives an ultra chic look along with the feeling of elongation.

5. Pairing shoes with jeans correctly.

Every pair of denim present does not go along with every pair of shoes present. It can be worn by mixing them with one another. However, a certain pair of shoe does pair up with a certain pair of jeans. For example, a pair of knee high boots and cap toe flats goes well with skinny jeans.

6. Tucking jeans into boots.

In case you want to pair up long boots with long jeans, tuck in the jeans in an appropriate manner. Fold the ankle portion of the jeans with regards to the length desired. Fold the extra portion of jeans remaining in a vertical fashion. Wear a pair of socks to prevent the jeans from moving and wear the long boots.

7. Fixing of faded denim.

This is a hack that fixes the issue faced due to continuous washing. The colour of the jeans fades away and becomes rough due to continuous wash. It can be fixed by using a bottle of denim dye, a bottle of navy dye and 3 gallons of hot water. A half cup of denim dye and navy dye are poured in 3 gallons hot water. The pair of jeans concerned is dipped and soaked into the hot water for a period of time.

8. Hemming of jeans.

In case you want to follow the original process of hemming, you can either approach the tailor or do it yourself. This does not require special type of sewing experience. Measure the length from where it has to be hemmed. With the help of a sewing machine sew it. Cut off the part that is in excess. Iron it to remove creases.

9. Taking care of the denim.

Washing with hands is way better than washing it in a machine. Soak it for 15 to 30 minutes in a small amount of detergent. Rinse it very thoroughly and let it get air dried inside out.

10. Distressing of jeans.

This in other words mean ripping of jeans. Straighten every part of the jeans. With the help of a chalk, mark out places with the help of a chalk. Put the magazine inside the jeans to prevent the downward portion. With the help of a box cutter,slit horizontally and pull them by using a safety pin. With the aid of tweezers, remove the threads present vertically.

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