Top 25 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Irrespective of being an enthusiast or an amateur in makeup, eye makeup are pretty tricky. Therefore, we can definitely try out some tricks in mind and experimenting to work wonders does not harm anyone. Here are 25 basic and important, yet easy tips for eye makeup for the beginners which will help them hit the score of a professional right from the time they start.

  • Tips to apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner is the basic of eye makeup. This provides with a lot of flexibility when it comes to giving freedom in shaping the eyes. It helps you to choose whichever type you think your eyes need, either smudged or clear, and acts as a filler for those who have less dense eye lashes. Some of the basic tips are:

  1. Ensure that the eyelids are clean. To ensure that the makeup does not smudge and stay for long, apply primer.
  2. For denser eyelashes apply the eyeliner closer to the lashline. In other words,it is known as tight-linning.
  3. The liner tip should be blunt enough to get the required precision and shape.
  4. For a perfect winged liner, use a liquid liner. Start applying from the lash line at the pupil and make way to the corners.
  5. For smokey eyes, go for a pencil liner due to their softer and creamier nature.
  6. Opt for colours based upon your age group.
  • Tips to apply Mascara

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