7 Side Effects Of Using Lemon

Lemon is a multi-purpose ingredient and we have tons of articles on how to use lemons and lemon juice for hair, skin and body. But, as they say, the excess of everything is bad. The same goes for lemon juice. Here are the reasons why you need to be careful while using lemon juice in any form.

1. For dry skin – lemon is known to dry out your skin more. So, if you are a dry skinned girl, then try to restrict the use of lemon. Otherwise, you might end up with dry and flaky skin.

2. Photosensitivity – using too much of lemon juice can make your skin photosensitive in the long run. After using too much of lemon juice, for a prolonged period of time, don’t step out in sun without sunscreens.

3. For dry hair – many people, like me, use lemon directly on their scalp in order to get rid of dandruff. But, did you know lemons can make your hair really dry? So, skip lemons in your DIY recipes if this is your issue.

4. Degraded dental condition – acidic food products can cause a tingling sensation on your teeth. Hence, lemon juice in major qualities can damage your teeth.

5. Kidney or gall bladder issues – lemons or lemon seeds and juices are known to be bad for your kidney and even gall bladder. They may cause serious health issues, which can even lead to health implications.

6. Melts bones – the continuous use of lemon juice can actually melt your bones in the long run. So, beware of drinking lemon juice for the long run.

7. Future complications – many of us opt for lemon juice with honey on an empty stomach. But did you know this so called healthy habit can cause serious health issues and medical complications? By serious health issues, I mean that this habit can affect your reproductive system.

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