Have You Ever Wondered What Does Wearing Ring On Each Finger Means?

In the earlier times, a ring on finger was meant to denote the marital status of a person. However, if you have ever been to an astrologer, you might have experienced that they ask you to wear a specific ring with a particular stone on a specific finger. They guarantee that the stone can change your life. As funny as it sounds that a mere stone can change someone’s life, it is true in reality.

A theory regarding this says that each finger denotes a particular aspect of a person’s life. It can vary from education to self-confidence and various other features. We cannot force anyone to trust in the theories but if you do believe in fortunes and the way it can change continue reading further and know about the rings according to fingers.


You must have noticed, when people who read hands check for willpower and strength of character they usually check your thumbs and their flexibility. Turns out the same goes for wearing rings on thumbs too. This is of course apart from crowding your hand with rings on other fingers as well.

Many are recommended to wear rings on their thumbs to strengthen their willpower. This is because the thumb is connected to your inner self. If you do start wearing a ring on your thumb, pay close attention to how your days play out from then on. You might be surprised to see just how significant a surge of willpower you receive.

Suggested Stone: Ruby and Garnet

Index Finger

If you visit museums, you are very likely to see royal figures, especially kings, wearing rings on their index finger. This is because this finger signifies authority, leadership, and ambition. Some astrologers may have advised a certain ring on the index finger to strengthen a person’s self-esteem and catch up with their potential ambition. The index finger also channels spirituality.

Suggested Stones: Blue Topaz and Amethyst

Middle Finger

This finger represents individuality and hence, a ring worn on this finger could be said to enhance a person’s unique purpose in life. Maybe the person is trying to stand up to the constraints or restrictions imposed on his life by family or society.

People are also advised to wear a ring on the middle finger if they are seeking a balance in their lives. As the middle finger also represents knowledge and education, those seeking to apply for higher education or feeling constrained in upward movement in their education may also be advised to wear a ring on the middle finger.

Suggested Stones: Quartz and Coral

Ring Finger

Perhaps the most common is the ring finger of them all. Most marriages require a ring to be worn on this finger as it is said to be connected to the heart. As this finger is sort of a direct hotline to your heart, it also represents creativity and emotions. Hence, those seeking to enhance creativity or a break from constrictive emotions might be advised to wear a ring on this finger.

On an interesting note, the ring finger as the fourth finger is also widely acknowledged to represent adventure. So a person seeking to live a more adventurous life may also be seen wearing a ring on this finger. No wonder they say, marriage is the ultimate adventure!

Suggested Stones: Moonstone and Jade

Little Finger

Pinkie promise is the most trustworthy promise a person ever make. Do you know why out of all the fingers only pinkie , I mean , little finger is the most trusted one? This shortest of fingers is all about communication. In direct contrast to the thumb, the little finger is about how we relate to the outer world. It represents our public life, our social relations, and how we communicate.

Those facing issues with their marriage are often advised to wear a ring on their pinkie finger. Those wanting to gain success in business and commerce are also recommended to wear a ring on this finger. Those experiencing issues with their sex lives are also allegedly advised to wear rings on their little finger.

Suggested Stones: Amber and Citrine

While these are the indicative reasons why people wear rings on certain fingers, one must also take into account the fact that the hands on which the fingers reside also matter. In general, the left hand is connected to the person’s private life including marriage, family and romantic relations. The right hand is about the person’s external relations. Therefore, for example, a ring on the left pinkie finger – unless specified otherwise – could be said to improve marital or sexual relations.

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