Fingernails shape can describe about Your Personality

We all love clean and well-groomed nails as they are important for our personality. You have ever heard that most of your body part can reveal about your personality and nails are one of them. Everyone has different shapes of the nail and every shape reveals the characteristic traits of the person. So, let’s find out what your fingernails tell about you.

Typically, within the hustle and bustle of life, it’s straightforward to lose sight of your self. When juggling work, household, housekeeping, and payments, it may be powerful to make your self a precedence.

That’s why I really like character quizzes. Not solely are they an enjoyable strategy to loosen up, however they’re a good way to cease, breathe, and bear in mind what makes you! With only one easy query — like “What colour are your eyes?” — a world of self-reflection is immediately opened to you.

So after I noticed this quiz about your fingernail form, I used to be actually excited. Who knew that the look of your nails may say a lot about your character? I examined myself and my greatest pal (I’m a “1,” and he or she’s a “7”), and each hit it properly on the nostril

What’s your nail form? Have been your outcomes as correct as mine? Tell us within the feedback beneath!

Vertically Long

  • Genius and creative

People with vertically long nails are highly imaginative,  that’s why their right brain is highly developed and dominant.  You are the genius and extraordinarily creative and pay attention to every detail but easily get deceived so you must take care of yourself. They seem to be soft tempered and romantic.


Almond shaped

  • Sensitive soul

You are the quiet, honest, reliable and caring person. You are the kindest and caring person for the people you love but often loose tempered with different opinions. Work on your unpredictable nature and learn to control your emotions.

Broad Sideways shaped

  • Straightforward

The person with the broad rectangular shape are highly expressive – they speak what they like to which makes them straightforward and sometimes rude.  Your left part of the brain are highly developed that why they often get into the debate with the person who listens to their heart than brains.

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