10 Secrets All The Way From A Makeup Artist School


There are a lot of stuffs about makeup that we want to know and eventually try out. However, here are the following list of things that we wish to do. Let us learn step wise.

  • There are various types of brushes serving purposes totally different from one another. The foundation brush helps in applying the foundation. Concealer needs concealer brush. Puffy powder brush has a different purpose. Blush brush is a different type of a brush used for applying the blush. Small blending for blending. Flat eyeshadow brush for eyeshadow. Precision angle brush for the correct angle and lip brush for applying on lips.


  • Primer mixed with liquid foundation and powder gives a better output than applying them individually. In case of oily skin, apply using sponge. For dry skin, use brush.


  • Our skin has a lot of flaws. However, it is always good to embrace them and hiding them. Use contrasting colours. They help in concealing redness and zits on the skin.


  • For round or oval skin, apply bronzer in form of a 3. Apply on the hollow cheekbones. For sharp forhead, highlight two sides of the head. Bronzer for making the rest look blunt is fine. For gravity-sagged cheeks, use highlighter.


  • Sweep a bronzer lightly across the crease of the eyes. It changes the shape of the eyes. Blue-eyed: orange bronzer. Drooping eyelids- highlighter. Narrow eyes- black liner. Small eyes- beige coloured eyeliner.


  • Colour hacks: think of contrasting pair of colours. Use undernotes of orange colour for blue. Red is perfect for green eyes and blue or purple goes the best for brown eyes.


  • For eyeliner brush, do not make the line at a stretch. Make from the inner area to the middle, load it and go for the rest. Start from the lower corner when it comes to making a wing. It helps in getting a definite winged eyeliner.

  • For fuller lips, start by applying foundation on the lips. Line the lipline using a white feathery pencil. Apply the lip colour using a pencil similar to that of the lipstick colour. Apply lipstick starting from that line with the help of a brush.


  • Fake hair eyebrows? Make it look real. How? Well, apply darker shade of the eye pencil on the downward side of the eyebrow or apply powder from the top of the eyebrow line.


  • Conceal the dark circles with the help of contrasting concealer and apply it in form of a deep V.

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