9 Odd Things That You Need To Know About Your Body

Our body is confusing as much as it is complicated. It’s vividness can’t be explained by us. Even modern science is amazed at certain instances, over how the human body reacts to some consequences. Well, at the end if the day, we’re humans and there are pretty amazing things that we don’t know about ourselves. And that’s why we’re here to intrigue you about the same. To introduce you to certain things about our body that are odd but true, we’ve collected them all at one place. Continue reading and get to know those exciting facts.

1. You’re taller in the morning than in the evening

It is pretty amazing to know that we actually change height based on the time of day! On an average, you’re one inch taller when you wake up in the morning. Amazed to know how? Well, when you sleep, excess fluids build up inside your spinal discs, causing you to look one inch taller! But as the day passes, the stress of standing causes the fluid to seep out – making you lose height. Even if you measure yourself in the morning and again at night, you should see a small but visible difference.

2. Tickling

There is a thing that you need to try. Start ticking yourself and watch if your body reacts. It won’t! Because your brain actually anticipates the sensation. It discards expected ones and alerts you to unexpected ones. Hence, your body only reacts to somebody else tickling you.

3. By the age of 18, your brain stops growing

From this age onwards, approx 1000 brain cells die every day. Well, you’ll be suprised to know that only 2% of your body weight is occupied by the gray matter, but it uses about 20% of your overall energy output. Your brain works continuously and never rests. Even when you’re sleeping, your brain isn’t! Aside from producing REM dreams, your brain works overtime to replenish its ability to function normally during your daytime waking hours.

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