Amazing Beauty tips for Dark lips

Every woman wants pinkish, reddish and beautiful lips because a couple of pretty lips enhances the overall beauty of the face. When your face looks beautiful and smart, you feel also better to expose yourself.

But, unfortunately, many people acquire dark lips in different ways.

What is the cause?

Especially, the smokers and the mouth breathers experience dry lips more. The lip lickers also face dry lips. In cold and windy weather, you may also face dry lips. Sometimes, dryness may cause cracked lips. Dry lips finally created dead skin cells, darkness and dark spots on the lips.

Your lifestyles may also leave a dark tint on your lips. Smoking, alcohol taking and regular usage of narcotic may bring discoloration of the lips.

You may also get discoloration on your lips from chronic sun exposure. The persistent sun exposure burns the skin both on your lips and face. But, the darkness of the lips is more focused.

Melasma means hyper pigmentation on the skin caused by the excessive deposition of the melanin. Generally, melanin is occurred by the excessive sun exposure.


Now that we are done with the causes, let’s look into the cures!


1. Minimize sun exposure

2. Check for correct lipstick

Prolonged and excessive use of lipsticks and lip cosmetics, especially lower-quality ones can also cause lip pigmentation.Use lipsticks sparingly (apply only when you need them the most) and always buy lip products from reputed brands.Ensure that you check for the expiry date and not use expired lipsticks or lip products.

3. Do not suck your lips!

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