9 Things That You’ve Been Doing Wrong Since Time Immemorial

Humans are an idol of mistakes. We do so many of them even without the knowledge that it can be wrong. In our day to day life, there are lots of things that we use and most of us are unaware with the way they should be actually stored or used.

It’s no news that people tend to ignore the “directions of use” written on the product. But, it’s not the right way if you don’t want them to be wasted. So, today we bring you such things that you have been using or doing wrong.

1. Leaving a bag of chips open

Never leave a bag of chips open as it will spoil the flavour and the quality too. With the use of some origami lessons, you can seal the bag of chips and prevent the degradation of the taste.

2. Exercising without warming up

Stretching up a little bit will prevent you from getting hurt while doing intense exercises. If you begin them without doing a warm up, then there is a possibility that you might not get the desired output. While stretching will relax and loosen up your muscles, you can also get into a more hard core work out regime.

3. Brushing your teeth in horizontal direction only

It has become our tendency to brush our teeths in the horizontal direction, just because it seems easy. But, it isn’t the right way. You actually need to make small, vertical brush movements from the gum to the edge of the teeth. This will help your teeths to be more clean.

4. Breathing with your chest

There is a major health benefit when your concentrate on using your diaphragm instead of breathing with your chest. You’ll not only get much more amount of oxygen, but also it will have multiple positive effects including less stress, lower blood pressure, less pain and inflammation, and overall better health.

5. Using paper towels to dry hands

Using paper towels to dry hands is not a new thing. Many people use a lot of paper towels in public restrooms. But, there’s a way in which you can use few of them and help save your environment. Just shake your hands to get off as much water as possible. Then dry your hands using a paper towel.

6. Adding oil to the water for boiling pasta

Adding oil to the water in which you’re boiling pasta will help the sauce to not stick to the pasta. Also, if you take appropriate quantity of water, then you don’t even need to use oil. Just keep the logic in mind to use 1 liter of water per 100 grams of dry pasta and 1.5 liters for 100 grams of fresh pasta.

7. Replying to WhatsApp texts from your boss

WhatsApp and other texting platforms are sort of personal in nature and there needs to be a line between your personal and professional life. So, it’s not advisable to add your boss on such texting apps. Also, when you receive and read a text from your boss, they’ll know and if you don’t respond, they’ll notice. Therefore it’s best to keep space.

8. Working without planning for breaks

There’s nobody that can know you better than yourself, and it’s a must to know what are the most productive hours of your day. When you get to know that, you can actually plan your breaks according to it. This will help you to bring out the best of yourself and you’ll also feel good.

9. Using excess soap in the shower

Ageing causes the skin to dry and using extra soap will dry it even more. It’s advised to apply soap only on the skin folds as the soap water running down your body is good enough to clean your skin without drying it. So, to prevent dry skin, prevent the use of excess soap.

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