9 Exercises You’d Better Avoid if You Dream of Having a Feminine Body

The trend of tricks leading to a slim and fit body has led to establishments of a lot of myths about diets and workout. Nowadays, personal trainers tend to use their knowledge of physiology and the human anatomy to distinguish the best types of workouts for men and for women. It is definitely your call to distinguish between exercises that help you to get your desired body.

1. Exercises that enlarge the side abs

Side abs lead to the lower ribs, down to the pubic bone. They are the ones which create the shape of our body. When working this group of muscles, you tend to grow them which means that you can give up on your dreams of having a thinner waist.

The following exercises should be avoided by women:

Bends with dumbbells

This leads to growing your abs. It does nothing that can make your waist slimmer.

Replace it with the “vacuum” exercise.

Suck your stomach inside as much as you can. Hold it for a few seconds and relax.

Side extensions

An extension is an exercise where you bend your body on a special sloped bench, which is why when done, leads to an increase in your side abs and waistline will only get bigger.

Replace it with the plank.

This is the best alternative to get a flat tummy. This is a simple exercise that can be done easily at the gym and at home. Stretch your body above the floor standing on your elbows and toes. Hold on to it for a minute.

Squats with heavy weights

It leads to the toning of glutes, ab muscles and back muscles. Therefore,for a slimmer waist, you are highly barred from trying this out.

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