8 Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

When we go to gym, we often come across people who make it unpleasant for us and we wish we had stayed back home. Let us take a look at such cases.

8. Don’t leave equipment sweaty

While working out, we often sweat and end up leaving behind sweaty equipment. You must make it a point to follow that there should be a towel present along  with you. Wipe it after you use.

7. Don’t occupy equipment unless you’re using it

Hanging around on the equipments while not using is a strict no. You should not use it for having a gala time. Occupy only when you have to.

6. Calls and loudspeakers

It is very annoying when you talk while working out or receive the call in loudspeaker. Also, you are not supposed to play loud music. So take care of these.

5. Machines are for everyone

This is a very important point. You are definitely not the only one who has to workout. So, you have to make sure that you divide time and cause no problems to the fellow gym mates.

4. Leaving weights everywhere

This is something that you’re supposes to keep in mind. It is very important to keep it clean and keep away from accidents. Keep them back to the place they belong to. It helps your fellowmates to search for the desired weights quickly and accidents are prevented.

3. Pressuring gym users

It is often rude when an equipment is used for like 60 minutes, but, hey, standing with hands crossed and a look telling them to wrap up quickly is no less rude. Be friendly, polite and maintain good relations with your fellowmates.

2. Showing up late

It is a big no. It serves as a distraction and disturbance to both the  trainer and the rest of the trainees. It also causes disruption to the set of exercises for a particular day.

1. The gym locker room isn’t your personal bathroom

Many have the tendency of either going in for a naked parade or shaving sessions in the locker room for hours and making it all nasty with hair all over. Respecting other’s perspective helps you to grow. Make sure you leave it as clean as you can after doing your work. Clear the place after you’re done cleaning yourself.

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