7 Top Home Remedies To Get Soft And Beautiful Feet

Clean and beautiful feet is delightful to everyone who sees it. Scaly and dirty feet is a house of germs and diseases and discomforting. It smells as well.


A pedicure is a type of treatment which is undergone in order to remove dead skin cells, thereby making the skin of the feet soft and healthy. Using natural creams and ointment together with a healthy massage provides the best pedicure techniques for your feet.


Ingredients: Egg and lemon juice, castor oil. Lemon juice should be prepared freshly.

Why it works: Lemon juice has essential acids that help in softening the skin of the feet. It kills germs and refrains from spreading all over the feet. Egg plays the role of a moisturizer. Castor oil helps in making the feet moisturized and healthy

How to prepare: Break the egg and try taking the yolk from it keeping the white portion away. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and castor oil as few drops. Stir it and store it in the cool environment.

How to apply: Soak the feet in warm water for 10 minutes before applying the remedy.  After dumping your feet with a dry towel, apply this remedy all over. Go in for a deeper message on the ball of the feet. Keep for 15 minutes.

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