7 Popular Breakfast Foods Doctors Don’t Recommend

Dietologists think that a healthy breakfast should contain 400-700 calories and nutrients that charge our body with energy. It’s not recommended to eat some popular foods in the morning even if we’re used to them. Now you can check whether today’s breakfast was healthy or not.

1.Crepes and pancakes

Nice crepes and pancakes fill you up, and if you add a topping like honey or jam the level of insulin in blood becomes extremely high. This type of breakfast contributes to obesity, influences your mood, and can even make you grumpy.
Recommendation: Try new recipes, replace wheat flour with oat flour, and eat some fresh fruit and berries instead of sweet toppings. But don’t eat too much fruit and berries in the morning, they can cause gas.

2.Cereals and muesli

These foods contain a lot of sugar, not fiber and protein. Research shows that a breakfast containing a lot of carbohydrates makes you eat more during lunch. Subjects who consumed 0.11 oz (3 gr) of protein and 1.40 oz (40 gr) of carbs in the morning, felt hungry faster than those who ate foods high in protein. People who are more susceptible to developing diabetes and small children should avoid eating cereals because of their high sugar level.
Recommendation: Choose cornflakes and muesli without sugar. Add some nuts and flax seed to get the necessary amount of protein.

3.White bread toast

White bread isn’t good for you and the more you toast it, the more harmful it is. The more burnt it is, the more carcinogens it contains.
Recommendation: Replace white bread with whole wheat bread and if you love toast, always make sure there is no burnt crust.

4. Nutella and other chocolate spreads

Plump woman at home eating chocolates

Scientists calculated that 2 tbsp of Nutella contains 83% of the daily recommended sugar intake for women. This dose can improve your mood in the morning, but energy will disappear soon and you’ll start to feel tired. Additionally, these spreads contain palm oil that is really bad for our health.
Recommendation: We can replace sweet chocolate spreads with peanut butter that has no sugar but contains enough protein and healthy fat.

5.White rice

White rice contains a lot of carbs. According to studies, it also may cause digestive problems because it has a lot of starch and no coarse fiber.
Recommendation: We can eat brown rice instead of white: it digests slower and is better at supplying our body with energy. To cook your breakfast faster, soak the rice the night before.


When we prepare a smoothie, sometimes we add too many ingredients by mistake. Fruit and vegetables lose their shape and we think that the portion is too small to satisfy our hunger. So, we decorate it with whipped cream thinking that we are making it more nutritious. As a result, your smoothie gets oversaturated with sugar. Additionally, it’s not recommended to eat oranges, mangoes, or bananas in the morning.
Recommendation: You can use measuring cups to understand how many ingredients you actually need.


Scientists don’t recommend drinking milk in the morning before meals because it stimulates the stomach’s acid production and can cause heartburn. It can also contribute to acne if a person is prone to this disease.
Recommendation: You may drink milk in the morning, but only after your meal.

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