40 Beauty Tricks From Stylists Who Make Celebrities Look Glamorous

Whenever we see celebrities on the big screen or walking the red carpet at some prestigious awards ceremony, we never cease to marvel at their incredible good looks. It almost seems that popular personalities are born possessing the ideal physical appearance and impeccable good taste. However, in reality most stars owe their stunning appearance to the inspired work of their stylists and makeup artists.

Especially for our readers, we at Makeup Myntra have selected 40 priceless tips from those high-flying beauty experts!

1.Chris McMillan

Chris McMillan is a popular American designer/stylist. His stellar clientele encompasses well-known celebrities and Hollywood actresses, including Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Mylie Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, and many others.
• If you want to look younger, grow your hair long and give preference to hairstyles with a weave.
• The only way to make your hair grow is to refrain from cutting it. Don’t shorten your locks even by a few millimeters. This might be difficult at first, but it is important to remain resolute for at least half a year.
• The first couple of weeks are the hardest — as your hair begins to grow long, it gradually loses its shape and becomes less susceptible to styling. In order to maintain decent-looking hair, you can use various accessories: headbands, scarves, barrettes, and super trendy tiaras.
• If your hair grows slowly and looks weak and lifeless, it is possible that there are problems with your scalp. Multiple research projects have proven that subjecting the skin of your head to regular peelings and moisturizing treatments makes your hair grow twice as fast.
• The famous stylist is certain: giving your hair slightly more volume at the roots will make any hairdo look better. The most important thing to any hairstyle is volume.
• If you’re in a hurry with only five minutes to spare, yet you still want to look great, McMillan recommends a ponytail: ’You can comb your hair and braid it into a low ponytail. Fix it right at the nape, leaving a few strands to cover the ears. Among other things, this allows you to showcase your hair at full length.
• Rinse your hair before entering the swimming pool. Don’t forget that chlorine is damaging to your hair. To prevent brittleness, make sure to maintain a barrier between chlorine and your locks. Rinse your hair before using the pool and immediately after bathing.
• If you have a high forehead, don’t hesitate to grow out your bangs; if your forehead is low — it’s best to leave it open.



2.Kimmie Kyees

The top Hollywood nail stylist Kimmie Kyees works with a variety of universally known stars, such as Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and others. Quite possibly, she has no peers in the world of professional nail art.
• A proper manicure looks good by itself — its tone doesn’t have to match the color of your clothes or makeup.
• Bright nail polish looks best on short nails of a square-oval shape. Delicate neutral tones are more versatile — they suit everyone. Don’t forget how beautiful and diverse nude tints are: coffee and milk, sand, peach, shades of pink and gray. They may have either a rich or semitranslucent texture.
• If you’re a fan of bright colors, there’s a way to make your nails look even more vibrant. Follow this simple method: having applied the foundation, paint the nails with white polish, then apply a second layer of polish in the color of your choosing.

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