22 Designer Items That Seem Downright Crazy

The fashion world is ever changing. Each day, new fashions come and go, and sometimes really unpredictable designs come out. They seem hilarious and will surely make you laugh. And we’re really confused if we want to actually try these designs or not.

Of course, they’re the latest designs, but don’t say yes until you look at them for yourself. Today, we’ve collected some weird fashion trends from around the globe that you may love to watch, but won’t dare to try! So, are you ready to discover some of them? Continue reading then!

1. These crocodile shoes are scary AF!

2. A perfect gear for the singles!

3. The handsome mermaids – i mean merman’s!

4. These unicorns seem pretty, but heels!!

5. These are painful and nasty!

6. When duck and horse evolve together towards each other!

7. This gold commode is a bit unaffordable- don’t you think!

8. What is the purpose of these huge 12 wheels!

9. These illusionary staircases may just make you fall!

10. Designer dirt on walls!

11. The cutest kissing disease microbes.

12. This is a car- not a motorboat!

13. Wow, these are the coolest keypads.

14. This shoe car confuses me- should i wear it or not!!

15. It can’t be more creative !

16. The architect seems to be a bit twisted!

17. I wish i could see them walking!

18. The architect is either too much skilled or not skilled at all!

19. For legends only!

20. Zebra print hairstyles- seriously?

21. Seems like the furniture had a break up recently!

22. Only if i had this house!!

Bonus:- If you love cats- take them to the gym too!

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