Skincare Myths Busted- Know What To Follow And What Not!

Skincare has been an essential topic over the internet since years. From natural beauty tricks to the cosmetics , skincare has been proved to be an important talk. And why the hell not! We do care about looking beautiful, right? Hence, caring for the smallest flaw is kind of a obvious. But, with knowledge comes myths. Myths that are totally baseless, yet spread on the internet and as time passes, they’re though to be facts. However, it’s not true. Myths can’t be facts, and you need to know such myths if you do care about beauty. We’ve collected 6 such skincare myths and how they were busted by renowned cosmetologists.

Continue reading and tell us if you have heard of some other myths, that are worth being busted!

1. It’s not necessary to wear sunscreen if it’s cloudy outside

So, this is the most common myth. We wear sunscreen to protect us from solar radiation. And if there’s not enough sun rays being seen by your eyes, doesn’t mean that there are no radiations out there. Plus, the radiations easily cross the windows and glass, so it’s always necessary to wear a sunscreen of good spf, not less than 30. Also, don’t forget to apply it over your neck. Apply sunscreen every two hours that you’re outside.

2. Oil clogs pores

Yes, oils do clog pores, but only if they’re selected incorrectly. And why not? One should be careful while using any skin product, especially when we’re dealing with pure oils. When you choose it incorrectly, it can even cause allergic reactions. You should pay attention to the comedogenic ratings, to know which oil is suitable for which skin type. The higher the ratings, the higher the chances are that this oil will clog your pores. For instance, coconut oil has a higher rating making it a perfect remedy for dry heels and elbows. But one needs to be careful when applying it on the face.

Generally, the effect that the oil is gonna have on the individual, depends totally on the individual. Not to forget ,oils are very valuable as they nourish, soften and restore the skin when it comes to hair and body skincare. Oils are good both in creams, serums and in the form of face cleansers. So, be careful and opt for the right oil to suit your face.

3. Oily skin should be dried, not moisturized

A grand salute to the stupidity of the person who created this myth. All skin types need moisturizing and oily skin is no exception. Trying to dry the skin with alcohol , soap and other aggressive methods will just worsen the situation. For people with oily skin, the good news is that they’re not going to get wrinkles earlier in their life. When taking care of oily and problematic skin, it’s important to cleanse it with cosmetic tools that don’t contain SLS, to peel it off with the help of acids and to moisturize it with items that don’t have comedogenic components. But, you definitely don’t have ti dry it or not moisturize it.

4. Parabens cause cancer

It’s unfortunate how parabens have been misinterpreted as cancer or disease causing, thus creating fear amongst people. Parabens are used as a preservative in the manufacturing of cosmetics. They can irritate the skin but only if added in large amounts or in special cases, which happens quite rarely. Untill now, there has been no research that can prove that parabens cause disease. These studies people are referring to come from tests where preservatives were tested on animals. Moreover, large amounts of parabens were injected under animals’ skin, and they were not applied to the surface. So, these tests aren’t one to be relied upon.

5. You should only use natural cosmetics

Well, when something is given the credibility that it’s purely natural, it’s rarely that somebody would not believe it or will think twice before using it. However, natural products are much more unpredictable than those chemical based cosmetics. Natural components are good and they really do work, however, you should be more careful with them than with other types of cosmetics, especially if you use them in their purest form. Another thing to be taken into consideration is that ,a product that doesn’t suit one individual might just suit another one. It’s because the use of cosmetics is mostly dependent on how the individual’s skin would react.

6. Face tonic is a waste of money

There are a lot of face tonics available in the market that contain effective components. But, some people do consider it just a waste of money. But, actually it isn’t. If you closely observe the composition, you can relate to their effectiveness. Face tonics with acids are good at exfoliating the skin and smoothing out the complexion, while face tonics with glycerin are good at moisturizing. Additionally, hydrolases have become quite popular recently. Hydrolates are products of hydro-distillation, which depending on the components, can have an anti-inflammatory effect and neutralise the effects of hard water. So, how could they just be waste of money. As earlier mentioned, any cosmetic item just works according to the individual’s reaction to the product. Anything unsuitable for one can be suitable to others.

Hence, don’t be scared to use the modern cosmetics. They’re worth giving a try.


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