5 Eyeliner Looks That You Will Regret Not Trying

Eyeliner are an essential if you want to have a complete eye makeup. They beautify the eyes and provide them with dimensions. You can give your eyes die hard effects with that liner pen. You can make it smoky hot or cat eye. Well, these are the basic ones and you must be willing to try something more creative every now and then. So, why not? This year is all about experimenting with makeup, which gives you a lot of space to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to use some strong colors and to go bold with the eyeliner. We’ve collected 5 such eyeliner looks that you must be willing to try.

1. Bright blue cat eye

Blue is a lovely color, so don’t be afraid of trying it out. It can actually give you a bold look. It’s recommended that you use light and vivid colors to stand out and grab all the attention. This look can prove to be a great idea when you wanna look good but aren’t too much into makeup.

2. Floating eyeliner

No, this isn’t any mistake if you’re thinking so. This look actually makes your eyes look more opened up because you’re drawing a line upper than your actual crease. And in this case, completely avoid any liner on the lash line as it’ll narrow the skin space between the two liner. Instead, blend the floating line with some brown eyeshadow, and add generous amount of mascara.

3. 60’s eyeliner

The “old is gold” statement appears to be true as the 60’s style is coming back and we’re, in particular, love with the liner thing going on. This particular look consist of bold cat eye liner paired with some cute dots on the lower lash line which is made with the purpose to bring out your lower lashes. So, isn’t this amazing!

4. Gold glitter

If you’re a lover of gold, then this look is just made for you. And you don’t have to do much of work as it’s very easy. A little effort will give great results. Just dab that golden glitter on three points of your eyes: tear dot, and in the middle of your lower and upper lash line. No other additions and you’re good to go.

5. Bottom lash liner

This is going to turn your makeup world upside down in a good way. You don’t have to make much of changes, just a little bit of switching. Remember, the old cat eye look? Just do it as usual, but on the lower lash line instead of the upper one. The transformation will be heart winning.

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