5 Old Fashioned Home Remedies

In the world of medicine, there is no denying the effectiveness of numerous old-fashioned home remedies (sometimes called ‘old wives tales’ or folk medicine). Modern science has proven the legitimacy of many concoctions and family secrets that Grandma used to swear by.
Grandparents can be kind of weird. But they can also be pretty awesome. I know I’m not alone in enjoying my grandparents’ often bizarre home remedies. I also know I’m not the only one who got curious enough to try one or two of these strange sounding fixes.
From rubbing chicken poop your hands for soft skin, to baking and eating clay to get an extra mineral boost, there are tons of weird old bits of advice. While some seem too modest to believe or outdated, there is certainly cause to heed some of the old-fashioned home remedies that still work to this day.
Thanks to grandparents, there are no shortages of people to help spread the weird gospel of strange home remedies.

  1. Lemon for an earache

People don’t realize there are many amazing health benefits of lemons. Next time your ear is giving you grief, slice yourself a lemon, squeeze the juice onto a q-tip, and let it rest in your ear for a minute or two. Doing this apparently stabilizes your ear’s natural pH levels, making them feel totally better. And if you think this is weird, just remember that some people swear by urine in the ear to help cure what ails you!

2. Nestle tea for hair loss

Then reach for a mug of nettle tea. Though nettle leaves can be dangerous in high doses, it doesn’t stop many grandparents for sipping on it to help prevent hair loss.
And if you think it’s just a weird reason for them to justify drinking it, consider the fact that nettle leaves are high in beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and protein. Pair that with the fact that our hair is almost entirely made up of proteins, and you can see why nettle tea could be a great ally in keeping your luxurious hair on your head.

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