5 Common Eye Liner Mistakes You Are Probably Making, And Here’s How To Correct Them

While eyeliner tends to be pretty straightforward—the basic idea being that you just trace your lash line—there are some surprisingly tricky aspects that can mess you up. The ultimate goal is perfecting liquid liner, which is like the cool clique of the eye makeup world (a.k.a. intimidating and perfect in an Instagram-worthy kind of way). A dash of eyeliner can either enhance your look or ruin it, if it is not properly used. Often women make some common mistakes while applying the eyeliners.

Read the biggest mistakes that you are committing while applying the stroke of your life.


1. Painting free hand flicks

Instead of relying on luck and hope, try our flawless flick technique, applying tape from the outer corner of your eye to the outer edge of your brow. This is your guide for which to slick on even liquid lines, ensuring they match on either side and remain perfectly straight.

2. Do not dose up your mascara first.

We’re all too eager to coat our lashes in mascara as quickly as possible, but piling it on before liner just makes the job too hard. Firstly, because those thick, lacquered lashes may get in the way, making it hard to line the roots without causing a major smudge. And lastly, because you run more risk of over-doing your eyes, and by applying the liner first, you can judge how many coats of mascara you’ll need.

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