17 Beauty Mistakes That You Make And How To Fix Them

All women wish to carry an attractive and beautiful look. Therefore, they put in quite a lot of time when it comes to looking beautiful. In daily life, we tend to end up making blunders good enough to bring about a fashion calamity. Here are some of the major disasters and ways to prevent them.

1. If your hair is too but you are at a situation where you do not have time wash, applyappl shampoo at night to see all the oil and dirt get absorbed by morning.

2. Dip your brittle nails in a tub of water with lemon juice and see manicured nails in turn.

3. Apply coconut milk to get away with frizzy hair.

4. In case of dried out eye pencil, heat it to get back the original form.

5. Pumping mascara should be avoided in case you don’t want bubbled and crumbled mascara. It adds air as well.


6. Blend in the lip liner with the lipstick to for an even look.


7. Roll your hair right from the tips to the upper part and snap out split ends.


8. Fix Bobby pins on the hairband elastic and prop up the ponytail.


9. Natural instant repair is a medicine for smudged nails.


10. Follow this flow chart to get your eyebrows in perfect shape.

11. No need of visiting the salon for fixing grey hair. Dab a bud in the eyeshadow matching with your hair colour type and apply it.   don’t need to visit the hair salon to cover up the greys from the roots, dab a bud in eyeshadow that matches the colour of your hair and apply it in your hair.

12. Heat the tip of the liner with a lighter for few seconds and see it become eyeliner gel.


13. Make a flick from the outer corner of making way to the middle of your eye. Make a triangle at outer corner and stretch the line till inner corner to fill in the triangle. Your perfect eyeliner style is ready.


14. Apply concealer in form of a concealer in order to keep dark circles away from any sort of attention. It also acts to left up the face.

15. Rinse your hair with cold water and add shine to your hair.


16. Keep it open and keep away tangles.


17. Ways to fix that broken nail? Oh well! Here’s one. Following will help you.

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