10 Uses Of Baby Oil You’ll Regret Not Knowing About

Baby oil is a product we usually think has purposes limited to massaging the baby or simply oiling them. But , this isn’t true. This unique oil can be used for several purposes, most of which are unknown to most of us. But, after you know them, you’ll also know how much loss you’ve been through all these years by not knowing them.

Now, let’s not elaborate the goodness of this baby oil too much, as it’s not possible to cover it all up. But, for sure, there are some of them which are of prime importance and they’ll help you throughout your life.

1. Post water massage oil

Baby oil can be of extreme help in winter’s when your skin dries up too soon. Just mix it with an equal amount of water and apply it over your skin. Let it try itself and don’t hurry. This will keep your skin hydrated and soft. You won’t feel any dryness and it’ll be moist.

2. Make up remover

It has always been difficult to get rid of the applied makeup. It either smudges over the entire face or makes you look like a dracula. But, it can be easily removed if you’ve baby oil and a tissue paper. It’s pretty easy, just apply some baby oil over your face and massage gently. After some time, wash it off with a regular face wash. Also, you can always keep some baby oil and tissue papers with yourself as they can come in handy.

3. Smooth shaving

Has shaving been painful to you? Then you should surely use baby oil while hair removal. It will give you a painless and fantastic experience. Also, you can use it after waxing to get rid of the stickiness left behind due to wax.

4. Tool to replace under eye gel

What if you’re in sudden need of under eye gel and you don’t have it? Don’t panic if you’ve some baby oil at home. Just apply it under eye and make sure you don’t apply too much of it. In case there is some excess oil, wipe it off with some tissue paper.

5. Scrub the lips

Have you been dreaming of getting ultra soft pink lips? Then here is the trick. Mix a teaspoon of baby oil, a teaspoon of sugar, few drops of lemon juice and rub it on the lips before you go to bed and wake up with pink and softness filled lips.

6. Aid in foundation

Have you ever faced difficulty in application of foundation? Well, it actually goes wrong when you apply just foundation. But , if you add a little bit of baby oil, approx 2 to 3 drops of it, then it acts like tinted moisturizer. Thus, giving you a more natural look.

7. Winter friend

Winters are times of dryness. And baby oil is to the rescue. Apply baby oil on your feet before pulling over the socks. This will prevent your feet from dryness if you do this twice a day.

8. Acts as a cuticle oil

Manicure is not the end of hand care. Applying a bit of baby oil on your cuticles and massaging it well will surely help more than just doing a manicure. This will not only give you soft cuticles but a thick wallet as well. So, next time you do manicure, don’t forget to apply baby oil.

9. Tame your eyebrows

Before you go on with your eye makeup, apply some baby oil over your eyebrows. You can also use an eyebrow brush, soak it in this oil and then apply it on your eyebrows to tame them.

10. Cure for frizzy hair

Don’t apply baby oil directly over your hair in case you’re dealing with frizzy hair. Instead, apply it using a baby oil soaked tissue paper.

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