10 Eye Make-up To Try If You’ve Green Eyes

Green eyes look enormously attractive and deep. And few in a billion own the pride of having green eyes. These are a blessing to you, and then why not beautify them? We’ve got some amazing eye makeup that will look extremely good over the women who have green eyes. These makeup looks are going to make you look like a goddess. You’ll not only look unique but embracing the beauty of your eyes will make men fall for you!

So, why not try them and rock yourself with full pride. Read on and don’t forget to mention which eye makeup you loved the most.

1. Smokey eyes with a pop of pink

Pink and green are an amazing combination. So, why not use them as a combination for your eyes too. Start with a pretty pale shade of champagne. Blend from the inner corner towards the centre. Then, add your pretty pink colour to the centre of the eye. Blend outwards into a dark brown to finish. Doesn’t it look amazing? So what’re you waiting for, just give it a try!

2. Light to dark silver blend

Silver is an amazing color to combine with those green eyes. They’re just impossible to ignore. Begin with a lovely and light shade of silver and blend it to the inner corner of the eye. Take a dark silver colour and blend from the outer corner towards the centre of the eye. Add mascara to finish perfectly. Give this look a try, and look astonishing.

3. Brown blend with gold inner corner

Brown and green are just too much adorable together. And that’s why, women’s with green eyes must have a good collection of brown eye makeup. Take a dark brown and blend from the outer corner towardsthe centre of the eye. Drag the colour under the lower lash line also. With a gold glittery shade, finish by adding this colour to the inner corners of the eye. Try this out for an evening event or function.

4. Glittery gold eye look

Gold is ofcourse a pretty color to add over your lids when you don’t wish to join two colours. Gold alone can make you look unavoidable. Use your gold colour and work it right across the eyelid. Lightly add a matte brown throughout the crease. Finish with plenty of mascara and you’re ready to rock.

5. Matte pink blend

How adorable would you look in this makeup! With those green eyes complimented by creamy matte and pink, it’s just like a princess ready to slay hearts. Use a creamy matte colour of your choice and work from the inner corner to the centre. Then, with a pale pink lightly add to the centre of the eye and blend outwards. Finish with a brown colour at the outer corner.

6. Green eyeliner in water line

Have anybody told you, how amazing a green eyeliner on your lower water line makes you look. If nobody did, then look yourself and try it out. Paint your eyelids with your golden shade. Then, take a brown colour and blend throughout the crease outwards. Use green eyeliner to draw in the lowerlash line and end with your favourite mascara.

7. Pink and purple smokey eye

When it comes to accentuating your green eyes, purple shades are the best. They’re so pretty in combination and you should definitely give it a try. Start with a light pink at the inner corner of the eye and blend outwards towards a dark purple. Finish with thick eyeliner and add lashings of mascara.

8. Glittery peach blend

Peach has always been able to win hearts. And why not! It’s so pretty and cute, plus it gives you a hot look. Just imagine how admirable it would be when you combine it up with your green eyes. Start by choosing a glittery peach hue and blending right across the eyelid and out throughout the crease. Drag this colour underneath the lower lash line too. Finish with shimmery champagne tones to the inner corner of the eye and don’t forget to add eyeliner.

9. Gold, bronze and brown

We’ve already told you how amazing colors are gold and brown. But, what if you combine them both? Yeah, it’ll just rock. These three colours together will give you all the applause. Take a glittery gold and work it right across the eyelid. Use a brown shade throughout the crease and blend towards a dark brown shade at the outer corner. Use a light champagne colour on the inner corner and finish with false eyelashes.

10. Shimmery pink style

This is an absolute look to fall in love with. Be it a night out or just a little party, this is it. Try this make-up and be the centre of appreciation. Use a shimmery pink and paint right across the eyelid and drag under the lower lash line. Pat a bronze shade in the centre of the eye, and blend out towards a deep and dark pink colour at the outer corner. Finish with eyeliner and false eyelashes. And you’re ready to go.

So, which one of these won your heart and what’re you willing to try. Don’t forget to tell us!

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