What Your Chin Says About Your Health

People are born with various types of chin. It is God-gifted. However, our chins talk a lot about us. Let us take a look at them.

  • Prognathism(Protruded Jaw): lower jaw protrudes in  comparison to the entire face – mandibular prognathism, upper jaw protruding in comparison to the entire face- maxillary prognathism, both the upper and lower jaws protrude- bimaxillary prognathism. However it is not always genetic. It can also be the result of overproduction of hormones or some sort of an abnormality. In case, this is not something that you have been gifted, please consult the dentist or orthodontist for fixation of the jaw. Seek medical help in case you find it painful or the upper and lower limbs have swollen.
  • Retrognathia (Recessed Jaw.) A condition of recessive jaw. Rare in nature. Finds its occurrence in many other genetic disorders. There are no specificity as such. People affected with this have a troubled eating phase. Also, snoring is pretty common. Treatment is the only way to get done with it. It is important for a symmetrical jaw.
  • Many are born with asymmetrical jaw due to an uneven growth of jaws. Deficiency of proteins,trauma in that region, obesity and after-effects of heavy metals can also be a cause of this. It is not always visible. You have to be medically educated in such cases. In case you find any such uneven cases, consult the dentist.

  • Facial symmetry is very important as it shows that the genes superior and healthy. It acts as a pheromone on the opposite sex. It can be done by using fillers for not-so-serious cases.
  • In case you are going to be a parent and you have a family tree resembling abnormalities, get in touch with a genetic counselor.

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