What Happen To Your Body If You Start Drinking Lemon Water In Morning

Hello ladies, are you tired of living with those extra pounds on your body? If obesity is something you’re complaining about, then let me tell you that it can be easily got ridden of by drinking lemon water daily in the morning. It is rich in nutrients and easy to prepare. And not only will it aid in weight loss, it also helps your digestive system to work better, your renal system to work properly and in strengthening your immune system. So, in a way it helps you to get rid of major health problems.

Why lemon water?

The answer to why lemon water is pretty simple. They’re not only rich in vitamin C that you all know, they also hold huge reserves of vitamin B complex and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and lots of fibre. Being rich in minerals, they should be drunk only after diluting them as drinking them undiluted can cause harm to enamel. So, you should be drinking lemon water and not lemon juice. Alongside, lemons have excellent antibacterial, antiviral andimmunity boosting properties, due to which these promote the overall well-being of an individual.

Lemon nutrition

How to prepare lemon water?


1. 1 lemon

2. 1 pitcher chilled water


1. Wash the lemon thoroughly and cut it into slices.

2 Add the lemon slices to a pitcher of chilled water.

3. Let it steep overnight.

4. Drink one cup of this water in the morning.


This drink is easy to prepare and the ingredients are easily available, so you don’t have to do major work. Also, it’s inexpensive and pocket friendly. Among the health benefits comes the fact that it’s loaded with vitamin C and helps promoting proper digestion and bowel movement. The antioxidants present in this drink will help you to flush out the toxins from your body.

Now, if you’re bored with the same lemon drink daily, we’ve some other recipes at your service too.

Other lemon water recipes:-

1. Honey lemon water


• 1 cup warm water

• 1 teaspoon organic honey

• ½ lemon sliced


1. Add honey and lemon slices to the warm water.

2. Stir well before drinking.

Honey is a natural antibacterial agent that prevents the microbial infections from spreading.

2. Cinnamon lemon detox water


1. 1 cup water

2. 1 cinnamon stick

3. ½ lemon sliced


1. Add cinnamon stick and lemon slices to a cup of water.

2. Let it steep overnight.

3. Drink this water in the morning.


This drink will help your body to flush out the toxins, aiding in weight loss.

3. Cumin lemon water


1. ½ lemon sliced

2. ½ teaspoon cumin powder

3. 1 cup warm water


1. Add the lemon slices and cumin powder to a cup of water.

2. Let it steep for 10 minutes before drinking.


If you’ve a problem with your digestive system, then you should definitely grab this drink. . Cumin helps tackle all gut problems including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and bloating.

How often should you consume lemon water?

You can begin with drinking 1 cup of lemon water twice a day- once in the morning and once before the meal in evening. You can also drink this more than than two times, like every 2-3 hours. You can gradually reduce the consumption to about once a day.

Should you consume lemon water hot or cold?

Never drink lemon water hot as it destroys the enzymes and nutrients present in it. But, you can surely drink it warm or chilled , or even at room temperature.

Why you should drink lemon water in the morning?

1. Has diuretic properties

Consuming lemon water increases the urine output, thus helping you to flush out the toxins that get accumulate inside the body. This helps in keeping the urinary tract clean and healthy. It also boosts the functioning of enzymes. Thus, it helps in detoxification.

2. Assists in digestion
The atomic composition of lemon juice is similar to that of the digestive juices in our gastrointestinal tract and that of the saliva. Thus, it helps to break down the food into simple substances. It also encourages the production of bile juice which assists in the digestion process. It’ll help you to avoid troubles like bloating, heartburn and belching. So, they can be a great replacement for over the counter antacids.

3. Balances pH levels
Though acidic in nature, lemon juice has alkaline effect when it reaches inside the body and thus helps in the metabolic activity that occurs inside. Hence, they’re a great alternative to treat acidity.

4. Increases immunity
The high vitamin C content in lemon juice makes it an ideal food for boosting the immunity of an individual. It helps the body to fight with colds. They’re rich in potassium and stimulates the functioning of brain and nerve cells. The vitamin C content helps in the absorption of iron in the body that comes from other foods.

5. Make skin blemish free

Stop buying all those products that claim to beautify you or delay the aging process. The vitamin C content in lemon juice makes it an incredible antioxidant due to which it helps in the removal of wrinkles and blemishes from the skin and hence, combats the signs of aging. It also helps in overcoming the radical damage on the skin making your skin healthy and glowing. With regular consumption of lemon water you’ll find your skin healthy and rejuvenated from the inside.

6. Helps in healing

Consuming lemon water quickens the healing process as it has loads of vitamin C. Also, it helps in strengthening of the bones, cartilages and connective tissues in the body and also soothes the inflammation in the body joints and muscles.

7. Energizes the body

A glass of lemon water is enough to energize you for an entire day of activities. This is because of the negatively charged ions in it that produce energy on reaching the digestive tract. At the same time, lemon water acts as a mood enhancer by making one feel light and healthy each morning. Also, it helps to prevent depression and stress.

8. Hydration of lymph system

Lemon water is an ideal option to restore the fluids lost by the body. Thus, whenever you feel dehydrated or low on energy, you should just grab a glass of lemon water.

9. Breath freshener

Lemon water, when consumed after brushing the teeth will help you to prevent gingivitis and tooth pain. It’ll also help you with bad breath.

10. Assists in weight loss

The pectin fibre in lemons are known to reduce hunger pangs. Eventually, you start feeling less hungry and that helps you in avoiding unhealthy food items. Also, drinking lemon water helps in proper digestion and in flushing out the toxins all of which contributes to weight loss.

But, this does not means that you should be drinking it in huge quantities. They do cause harm too when you take an overdose. Some of the ill effects are here;-

1. It can cause tooth enamel to erode

2. An overdose of lemon water can cause a headache, unusual bowel movements, and fatigue

3. Can cause acidity

4. May not be tolerated by those suffering from a stomach ulcer

It’s better that you consult a doctor before allowing children to drink lemon water. And do take benefits from the lemon water as there’s nothing bad about it in adequate amount. So, do share your valuable views with us in the comments.

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