Home Made Remedies For Smooth and Silky Hair


As I mentioned above, the older you are, the lower your body’s ability to produce catalase enzymes. This is why older people’s hair is usually rough and white.

However, not only older people have rough hair. Young people should also care for hair.


Take care of your hair, especially at the time washing. Gently wash your hair instead of roughly  scrubbing. It not only adds fuzziness but also leads to breakage. While washing your hair, massage the shampoo on your scalp and distribute it with your fingers. 

Life Style

Active, unbalanced eating, sleeping with open hair, not oiling the hair, fatigue, open hair all the time, roughly treatment of hair, etc. can speed up rough hair. For example, smokers appear four times earlier than non-smokers.

Abuse Of Hair Care Products 

 Hair care products (dyes, hair bleach, shampoos, conditioners, etc.) contain hydrogen peroxide – a very harmful substance for hair and makes hair dry. Therefore, you should look after your hair with natural remedies for maximum effectiveness without the potential for damaging your hair.

Use boar bristle brush

Give a try to boar bristle brush as they are especially made to make your hair silky and shiny. It is a conditioning treatment which use to extract hair’s natural oil from root to the tip. This brush were designed before the introduction of the products like hair serum and conditioner.


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