Top 10 Ordinary Things You Should Never Put on Your Face

4. Shampoo

In regard to ordinary and common things you should never put on your face, shampoo should not be skipped. Shampoo is a cleanser that removes excess oil and dirt from your hair. However, it is not for this reason that you can use them to cleanse your face. It may be that you do not intend to use shampoo for face, but during bath and shampoo, it is very difficult to avoid this. Shampoos are made for hair care and are not designed to deal with delicate molecules from facial skin. Therefore, if the shampoo is in contact with the face, it will cause the skin to dry, cracked and pale. It is best to bathe before shampooing, do not do these two things at the same time. Or you can go to hairdressers and use their shampoo service.

5. Hair Serum

It is no doubt that hair serum is worth mentioning in this series of things you should never put on your face. Hair serum contains ingredients that you cannot use in the treatment of wrinkles or facial problems. They are only good for hair. As a result, do not use them for facial skin. In addition, many hair serums also contain perfume – the number one enemy that irritates the skin. When using them for your hair, you should also be careful to keep them from sticking to your face.

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