These 7 Remedies Are All You Need For Those Slim Hips And Thighs!

We all have the urge to be slim and fit. We hate the fact that we have extra fats especially in the hips and thighs region. Let us take a look at how to get rid of them.

1. Water:

Life is dependent upon the availability of this. This is a compound that does wonders in every field. It helps in washing out toxins, increasing the metabolic rates and alot more. It is recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. It will be good if the day is both started and ended with drinking water. It helps in washing out toxins and regulating the metabolic rates.

2. Cardio And Strength Training Exercises: 

This is the basic necessity in such a case. Inclusion of those exercises which tone hips and thighs is a must. You may use the treadmill or the stationary bike and opt for squatting and curling.

3. Yoga: 

This is the most effective method that one can go in for. It is said to be the greatest healer and an element for weight loss. Go for Baddha Asana or Setu Bandhanasana.

4. Coconut Oil:

This a wonder oil. It helps in toning your hips and thighs. It works in reducing the fats of the body. All you have to do is massage it when hot for 10 minutes everyday. It helps in increasing the metabolism. Also the fatty acids are absorbed and put to work immediately.

5. Cayenne Pepper:

It is good for weight loss. So spice-lovers have a reason to add this. Prepare by mixing a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, grated ginger and juice from lemon and add warm water to this. It works wonders. Also adding the spice in the food does wonders.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar: 

It is effective for reducing fats of thighs and hips. 3 spoons of raw apple cider vinegar mixed with a part of either coconut or olive oil does wonders. It helps in reducing the urge to eat and break down the fats present. This reduces the weight of the body.

7. Coffee Grounds: 

Coffee is said to have caffeine and antioxidants which help in reducing the fats and tightening of skin. All you have to do is mix coffee ground with honey and apply it on the hips and knees.

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