Try This And Get Easy Gel Liner At Home

Hello ladies! You must be doing pretty well, and here we are to make your easy life a bit more easier. How many of you’re the lovers of gel liners and not the pencil one? Well, most of us! Right? But, don’t you have a complain about the gel liners drying out or being a little more expensive. What’s more worse is that you instantly have to go out and you’re out of liner. However, we have a magical way out of it, or you can say logical. And you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it too. It’s easy to make and ofcourse, even easier to apply.

So, without wasting any more time. Let’s begin;


1. Black eye shadow or cake liner

2. Forceps or any sharp object to scrape the eye shadow

3. Petroleum jelly or vaseline

4. A spoon or a spatula

5. A clean and empty jar

Steps to follow:-

1. Scraping the eyeshadow

This is where your black eyeshadow is gonna come to use. Use your forceps or other sharp object to scrape up the eyeshadow and then transfer it to an empty container.

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