Know Whether Your Relationship Is Healthy Or Not By The Body Language

Love is a beautiful feeling, and nothing in the world is more precious than our love for someone. And every couple claims to be in this so called love. But is it really true? Let’s discover it today! The way you react to each others every single move is what makes your relationship truly loving. The way you fight, hug, make love, and even eat as a couple can speak volumes about the state of your relationship. So, are you ready to take the test about what your relationship status is.

The First Case Scenario:- “The hello darling i am home!” kiss

Good signs:- Lips that linger just a second too long are the good signs of a healthy relationship. It usually means that both of you are glad to see each other after a long day apart and want to do more of intimate actions. People express warmth and affection when they hug each other. And this hug is certainly the one in which the whole body is involved. They press each others body towards each other with the feeling of re-establishing the intimacy after spending time apart.

Warning signs:- Hard and closed lips are a bad sign , that doesn’t point towards a relationship being healthy. It signifies tension and a potential evasion of intimacy between the duo. Even if two people hug each other with their bodies separated, it signifies obligation and not intimacy. Your chest becomes concave as your heart tries to pull away from your partner.

Try sending a more loving message:- Even if there’s a lot of work load and you’re unable to handle it, don’t ever try to give an obligatory and distracted kiss to your partner. Take some time out and give him a full conscious kiss and hug. The hello kiss is very important and it’ll make your entire evening loving and magical.

Second scenario:- At a dinner date

Good signs:- When two people are totally in love, they try to maintain physical intimacy wherever they go. Even at a hotel, they’ll try sitting beside each other, even if there are their kids lurking around. In case, the table is a small one, they’ll manage sitting across each other. It’s said that a person in a healthy relationship will continuously acknowledge each other’s presence with a smile, glance or an eyebrow flash. It’s said to be a signal of positive recognition. And if you don’t do that, the other person may just feel bad even without knowing why!

Warning signs:- Well, it’s not a healthy sign if you’re still nibbling on your salad and he’s halfway through desert. This is a sign of lack of synchronization and mirroring movement, which are a sign of healthy relationship. Also, your sitting arrangements will be such that you’ll be facing your back towards your partner most of the time. And this isn’t gonna give you the best couple award.

Try sending a more loving message:- Erase the distance between the two of you and make sure that you turn towards him and not away from him. Look at him time to time so he can feel important. You can also show him a bit of affection if you want to. Take his face in your hand and kiss him. The lovely feeling that will come into his heart will last for the entire dinner.

Third scenario:- During an argument

Good signs:- When a couple that is totally in love fights, their body language is different than those of the unhappy couples. They’re enraged, yet emotionally engaged. They’ve a tendency to maintain frequent eye contacts and their torsos generally face towards each other. This means that they’re fighting but not willing to let go of each other. They’re willing to work things out.

Warning signs:- Unhappy couples have a different set of body language when it comes to fights. It’s usually seen that they tend to be baring their teeths or jabbing their fingers over their partners chest. It’s kind of a try to dominate the other person. Also, it your partner turns away from you, it means that he or she is trying to just escape the whole thing. The darting eyes or a glazed expression indicates that they’ve stopped paying attention to your thoughts. Other damaging signs are when a partner looks down their nose at you, rolls their eyes and crosses their arms during a fight. These signify that your partner treats your words and thoughts as worthless and aren’t willing to listen to anything. And the worst of all of the body languages is the moment when you’re in a fight, but your partner shows signs of disinterest, this signifies that they aren’t emotionally engaged at all.

Try sending a more loving message:- If you’re actually wanting to resolve any issue with your partner, you need to first improve your body language and listening abilities. They should feel that that you love them and you’re actually listening. To make them feel valued, turn yourself towards them, let your hands hang down and do nod on what they say so they have a confirmation that you’re actually listening. If it’s your partner who isn’t listening, then gently draw him/her in by holding their hand or touching their arm until they make eye contact.

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