9 Secret Tips Will Protect Your Beauty Forever

5. Put face cream before and after pool activity

The pools have a high amount of chlorine that can end up making your skin extremely dry. So, try using a cream before and after pool activity. It’ll prevent your skin from being rough. Also, you should apply some moisturizer on your body after you come out of the pool as pool water can make your face dry and wrinkled.

6. After workout shower

If you’re following a work out regime , then you are prone to sweat a lot. And this may cause skin pores to get blocked, thus causing various skin problems like acne, pimples and breakouts. To prevent them, never forget to take a shower after you return from your gym.

7. Comprehend your body signals

If you’re continuously feeling itchiness, swelling or other skin problems, you should go and see a doctor before things get out of hands.

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